Kathleen_M._FosterWhen I came to Clayton Communications and Publishing all I knew was that the Lord had sent me to you.

I knew nothing about getting my book published and you guided me in the right direction.  So many little things I didn’t know but you guided me with great care.  So much love went into this project so I would fare. Now all the Glory and Honor will go to My Father as this book goes forth because His Servants helped another to stay on course.  This has been an amazing encounter with Clayton Communications and Publishing. I’ve not only had a book published but I’ve received two really good friends in the process.  Thank you so much for your help and friendship.  I pray it continues for a long time.

I love you both,

Kathleen M. Foster


Kim_Karen_Deisa_ShaharaHello Frank & Blondie,

When we started our book “Relationship Revelations for Women – Are You Asking the Right Questions?”, we had so many ideas. Might I mention that we had a well established relationship with you , so I was aware of your expertise and commitment as it relates to publishing.

I recall listening to you and writing notes (which I still have) and simply trying to execute and utilize the wealth of information, ideas, and powerful resources you made available to us. You were instrumental in helping us to realize our dream of having our book published from conception to print. Both of you were always there whenever we needed you.

Once published, you guided us to the next level in promoting our book. You encouraged us with many creative promotional ideas and always encouraged us to think outside the box. We had several successful book signings, and on-air appearances. In fact, one radio station featured our book for an entire one hour program that focused on “Relationship Revelations” resulting in increased book sales for an entire year. In response to audience requests, the station would repeat the broadcast and the demand for the book would increase. At one point the program was re-broadcast twice a month for at least six months.

Again, thanks so very much for believing in us.
God’s best for you,
Kim, Karen, Keisa, & Shahara


W._Joanne_McKayYou all were excellent coaches in getting me on my way to being an author from the beginning, the in-between times and the ending. Your approach was fantastic!! I wasn’t so sure of what to do but you made me feel so comfortable in your teaching and modeling. You approached me with interviews so as to make the phenomenal happen and it did. You wrote letters to known companies in hope we’d land a big company to take me on. When that didn’t happen and money was short you ushered me into an alternative way to get the book published. Thanks to you all.

Not only that but you were there for me with workshops into what to expect and what the what ifs which taught me to be prepared to move in any given situation. I still use those techniques today and they are very effective. I recommend you to people I meet everywhere I go and will continue to do that.

Also, I want to say when the book was finished and marketing it occurred to me that we are family.

W. Joanne McKay
Motivational Speaker & Author



Clayton Communications and Publishing has helped me with taking the necessary steps as a first time author. They helped with the proper expectations and explaining the work that I need to do. They gave me many suggestions for advertising and they were always available for any questions. Their prices are very reasonable and they are loving and encouraging. I highly recommend them, especially for the novices like myself.

Gary Stafford
Go Ye Ministries, Intl.


Cathee_ConnorFrom the time we met in the parking lot approximately 18 years ago; through the ten years of the development of my Dance of Life Book/Media project Clayton Communication and Publishing was the divine catalyst from God to pull me through my many trials & to push me forward to help me produce 2 calendars, a DVD & finally my first publication of Psalms in the Dance of Life – a photo essay-in dance.

Through numerous re-writes, discussions & personal trials you (CCP) has been there for me & with me to finally bring to fruition one of my most challenging & rewarding endeavors – to share my story through the art of dance to encourage, inspire & leave a lasting spiritual legacy of hope for those facing adversity in the lost of a child, life threatening diseases, divorce & others trials on the sometimes bumpy road of life.

The title of a recent book I just began to read  “I Didn’t Sign Up For This” vividly expresses the often unexpected twist & turns we encounter as we journey through life.  Yet through it all God is still in control & has used Clayton Communications and Publishing to be a beacon of light at the end of the tunnel.  Look to Him for blessings of continued success.

Cathee Connor


Gregory_HammondsI have found out that from the book idea to printing that the coaching services of Clayton Communications and Publishing was above such pureness and a taste of excellence. Everything was structured and in perfect order.

The coaching and the ideas of Clayton Communications and Publishing was as though they were in my thoughts and knew exactly what was on my mind and in every aspect of the book that was printed. Thank God for such great service.

Gregory Hammonds