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Be Fearless and Go For It

Be Fearless and Go For It“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill
According to Blondie Clayton, “This quote sums up my life’s journey, but the real power behind it all has been God’s grace, mercy and unconditional love.”
Blondie Clayton is an author, speaker, workshop facilitator, and coach to new authors and women.

The Spiritual Side to Money

Why Money Is Not Your ProblemHow many times have you read books on money management and debt cancellation and discovered you were too deep to pull out? Do you fear the money success may bring? Is it possible your emotions maybe hindering your getting and keeping money? Join Blondie L. Clayton as she shares her struggles to break free of destructive childhood perceptions about money, self-defeating habits and misconceptions into a breakthrough which led to some startling facts about God, work, credit and debt that changed the course of her financial future.

Single Woman on the Highway

Tsingle-woman-on-the-highway-small-coverhis guide has been prepared to assist you when you need a quick reference and enough information to make a decision related to your car without stepping into the shoes of a mechanic. No, we want you to remain who you are, a woman driver and leave the repairs to a qualified mechanic, but at the same time, we wanted you to feel that you were not lost and a target for unscrupulous mechanic shops.


Abused! The Results, The Plan, and The Victory!

Is your lifAbused - Small Covere one big bag of questions, emotions, feelings and fears that seem to haunt you? So many questions; so little answers. Is that you? Have you asked yourself “why me?” “What is this inside that won’t leave me alone?”

So where do you start to unravel your life, to get a grip, to fix what’s broken? It won’t get better unless you choose to do what it takes to get what you deserve . . . emotional freedom.