You’re Coming Out Of A Season – Embrace It!



“Fall Seven Times and Stand Up Eight”
Japanese Proverb

Growing up I didn’t have a lot of friends. I use to sit and watch my peers in relationships and envy the closeness, the bond between them. I was a very shy girl, really fearful of people, even my peers.

I would never let anyone in. I had no interest in building long term relationships. I thought something was wrong with me and I was afraid others would find out – my peers that is.

I was never comfortable with friends, didn’t care if I made friends. I was happy to be in my own little world, but I noticed cross culturally it was much easier to make friends. I discovered that I had something to talk about: where they came from and what was it like.

I even remember a few: Ann who was from Poland; Phyllis, from Italy; Elsie from Puerto Rico and Carol, from Jamaica. Why was it easy to communicate with them? Because I could talk about something I was curious about.

I was fascinated by cultures other than my own. I wanted to know what made other people who they were. It is easy to talk to people when you have something in common. It is finding that topic between you that will spark a continuous dialog.

I’ve grown into adulthood. Lost contact with those from the past as a child. Still have my shy moments, but have connected to something greater. I am no longer fearful of people. I do not allow shyness to rule. I’ve made new friends. I have many things to talk about.

Some even say I am very transparent about my life and abuse and that transparency has helped them to heal. I am thankful for that. How did all of this happen? It wasn’t overnight. There were many dark moments, troublesome times, clouds that covered the Sun, but I hung in there.

I had no idea what the end would be, or how long I would live. All I had was HOPE. It wasn’t a lot but it was enough to keep me moving forward. I can’t tell you that I had hope in God because I didn’t know much about Him at that time.

I just believed that a better day was coming. I had no idea there was a master planner steering my life, as ugly as it seemed to me. It has become obvious that what I am and have become today was not my plan . . . a much, much better plan is in play.

My dark days have turned into laughter, joy and peace. I truly love being who I am. I have come to realize that I am on purpose for this time; something I don’t take lightly. My life has greater meaning. I like living. I have chosen to spread love instead of hate. I am learning to yield more to the call of my destiny than to what I think I want.

Nothing changes unless you decide that you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. We all have our turning point moments. I pray yours is right around that next bend you experience in the road.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton

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