Your Value and Purpose Is Not Determined By Circumstances


your value

Are you facing something right now? Do you wish God would hurry up? Are you restless, impatient and maybe even a little anxious. . . Relax. There are times I too feel like that. God has me in this place, taking me step by step. I know it’s him, yet I I want to be there already, wherever there is.

Can I be honest? I do not like uncertainty: waiting, not knowing where or what I should be doing. I have been staring at these few words at least an hour. It’s not working. The words come and stop.

What’s on my mind? A few things. And at least one thing really came as a shock. Maybe that’s it. It’s too personal to even discuss here right now. . . I can’t.

In a moment of reflection I thought of the prophets of Baal that Elijah slew and in the height of his victory, how fear of one woman sent him into flight, into hiding.

Then my mind drifted to Daniel who was thrown into the Lion’s den because he refused to pray to the King. When his accusers returned, they found Daniel sitting with the Lions like they were pets.

Both had a task to do regardless of the moments of fear and uncertainty. They realized they were into something bigger than them, that they could not do on their own. In spite of what they faced, they trusted God.

Well, let me stop right there. I’ve done it again; put my foot in my mouth, and He did it again, convicted my heart. You know what He whispered in my ears: “I’m teaching you to rely solely on me.”

What more can I say? I was humbled by those words. My heart melted and I surrendered. Perhaps the question should be, “Lord, what do you want me to do right where I am?”

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith.

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