Your Destiny Is Already Set. . . Stop Fighting It!


Your Destiny

Growing up I had no vision of ever being a writer. There are so many more capable writers than I; those who have studied Journalism, worked with magazines, have had the training and gained the expertise to be recognized for their knowledge and skill.

I was sharing with some writers recently how I would have been the least likely to do what I do today. I didn’t know I had it in me to write, but I have discovered my passion to share my life lessons and teaching through my experiences.

It started with my first book: Why Me? Journaling My Way to Wholeness. The story is about my triumphant journey through my traumatic life experiences into wholeness.

When I was about 10 years old, I recall hearing a voice from what seemed like heaven at the time, saying I would write about my experiences one day but I never paid much attention to it.

Nothing about my schooling would have been a clue to anyone that I would end up writing.

I wrote about an experience that changed the course of my life. I discovered a spiritual intervention in my life that moved me to face my demons. I saw the power of the spirit to affect my life through simple truths and I thought if that could happen for me, then why not share it with anyone who will listen.

Little did I know my past prevented my future and that I had to deal with the past if I was going to connect to my destiny, my purpose.

Today I do things I never thought of, or could have dreamed was possible. Because my purpose has overtaken me.

To think I wrote to heal my wounded soul from childhood experiences and that has been taken to another level of teaching others how to release the soul to receive their spiritual healing.

Where are you in your life purpose? Have you experienced so many storms you can’t seem to pick up the pieces? Do you feel as if there is something missing, a hole in your heart? If you are ready to move on, then schedule your 1 hour complimentary coaching session to discuss how. (Schedule Here)