You Have to Overcome the Dream Stealers If You Are Going For the Gold


Masked Thief

There are some people who are satisfied working for other people, putting in their hours, picking up their pay check on Friday, and waiting to retire. There is nothing wrong with that. They don’t want the hassle or responsibility, perhaps. What I have discovered is that some of those workers do have dreams but they would rather play it safe than to take a risk.

Unfortunately, I have lived long enough to witness what was once thought to be a “good job” or a secure job go belly up and leave those workers without a job, taking early retirement, or scrambling to find employment some where else at 40 or 50 years old.

Criticism is not uncommon when a person decides they do not want to be ordinary, that they want to work for themselves. Those that are scared to take a risk themselves will rise up to discourage you by calling you names, or pointing out the negatives, trying to bring you back to reality.

Who are these people who come to steal, kill and destroy your dream? Why have they come just when you have gotten excited about the possibility of controlling your life’s outcome, increasing your family’s financial worth?

The question is not who or why, it is about what you are going to do. Are you really serious about that business you want to start, that home-based business you just got excited about? Or going back to college to become a doctor, lawyer or engineer? Have you made up your mind, or is it just a fantasy?

In Bruce Wilkinson’s book: The Dream Giver, he calls these people Border Bullies. Do you have any Border Bullies in your life? If you don’t, then you’re not striving for anything, you’re satisfied with where you are?

I remember when I set out years ago to open my first business. I wanted to do things right. I sat down to talk with the retired executives at the Small Business Administration. It was one of the most discouraging meetings I ever had. I thought they would be excited about my idea but it seemed like every element of the conversation was to turn me away.

Border Bullies or Dream Stealers can be your family, friends, co-workers, your spouse; yes, even Retired Executives. What I didn’t understand then and I do now, that you need people who don’t think you can do something in your life. Their job is to challenge you, put up doubt, make negative comments, share their unbelief with you to see if you are really serious.

The funny thing, you don’t have to tell them they’re wrong. The person who can get pass these initial bullies, can rise above all they present, that is the one who will succeed.

So many times I have heard those who are unhappy with their life’s accomplishments say, “I could have, but. . . They made an excuse why they never finished their race, achieved their goal. It wasn’t a real dream, I would say, it was their fantasy. A real dream will stand up to scrutiny. The more giants you face, it drives you on.

My mother’s response one day when I came home from school excited about trying out for the twirlers, “Where am I going to get the money for all that?”

She couldn’t even get excited for me because as a single mother raising four children, every dollar was earmarked to put bread on the table and a roof over our heads.

Right then she could have stolen my dreams for life but I refused. My goal was set. I saw myself as a twirler. Once I caught the vision, nothing was going to deter me.

I didn’t hold it against my mother. Somehow I knew she didn’t understand what had happened to her daughter, that she caught a vision.

That vision forced me to think beyond the limits of my mother’s finances and activated my possibilities, what I could do.

I called my uncle and cast my goal before him, told him that he needed a babysitter, that I was it. He had a sense of humor. He laughed and agreed to hire me.

Everyone who came to visit I shared my goal. They contributed. I made the tryouts. And took my place on the team.

And my mother who said she couldn’t afford to pay for my uniform, I believe, saw my determination and decided to reward me with a new pair of boots to outfit my uniform.

Your actions will change hearts toward you. Don’t say what you’re going to do, show them and even those who oppose will come around and become your biggest supporters when they realize you really are a winner going for the gold.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton