You Are A Woman With Purpose. . . Believe



It’s time to stop selling yourself short. Don’t waste time. Pick up right where you are and began something new, something you have always wanted to do.

What do you know how to do? Everything you have ever done has purpose and can be used either to help, teach and personally develop others. You are in demand and have sat there thinking that you have nothing to offer. You have more to offer than you have given yourself credit for.

Stop wanting what other people have and use what you have been given, or trained to do. Have you sat down and truly assessed what you know, have done in the past, and the gifting that God has given you? I remember being a pregnant teen, sitting at home waiting for my delivery time, nothing to do. There wasn’t enough cleaning and cooking in the world to occupy a whole day.

An idea came to me: “Why don’t you spend this time learning something new that can help you get a job later.” At the time I had taken one semester of typing, just to learn the keyboard and maybe to start building up some typing speed.

I had no skills for the work world. I could have ignored those thoughts, but instead my mind went to work to carry out this idea. The first thing I did was think about what I knew how to do. I had some typing, but I had no skills that could be used in an office.

After assessing what skills I would need, I then planned a trip to the library to search out books to help me type faster and a way to write down the spoken word in a shorthand format that could be translated into letters, memos, etc.
Let me give you an example from the many tales of my life: Those self-taught skills landed me a job in Administration, and later a promotion as Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of 19 Municipals Hospitals in New York.

I can’t do it for you. You have to believe that God, who created you, did not create junk and that you can do all things with His wisdom.

I hope this has given you something to think about. If no one else has encouraged you or told you that you can do it, let me be the first. You Can Do It!

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton

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