Will Your Child Care For You or Abandon You As You Age?


Happy Seniors

You know you’re getting older when young people start calling you ma’am, or sir. Or you look at your face in the mirror and you see fine lines, or a few wrinkles where your smile line use to be; your hair line is no longer where it was; your head full of hair has turned completely gray or balding, if you are a man.

I think women panic quicker than men, particularly when our looks change. When we are 20-30 we use our looks to get attention and to get what we want. By the time we are 35-40, the attention dwindles: no more free drinks; we date less and began to look for ways to remain youthful looking.

Men never use to care about those things but more and more men have the same issues about growing older as women.

What message are we sending to our sons and daughters coming up behind us? Do we want them to frown upon getting older, to have nothing to look forward to? Or try to distance themselves from it?

The saddest thing, in our country: too many women and men are trying to not only look young but dress and act younger, too often unbecoming in appearance and action.

So what is wrong with getting older? Why are so many trying to deny that it is happening to them? There maybe many reasons. Perhaps you grew up in an era where women were devalued, or valued for their looks and it caused you not to like who you are and are becoming as you grow older.

Little girls and boys are growing up too fast, experiencing things that should be left to adults, stealing their innocence.

What does this mean to us? If you are a father with a daughter, what you pay attention to about her will influence the stages of her life as a young woman, and even into the golden years of her life. If your focus is on what she looks like all the time, that could become a negative as her body changes happen in life.

Mom, your daughter is watching you, she is taking lessons from you right now that will affect how she perceives her body and the changes taking place in her as she grows older. A daughter who sees her mother dressing like her, acting like her, will have a distorted view of what she is to do when she has children and grows older.

Change happens, or should I say, physical change happens in all of us, male and female. We measure ourselves by who is around us. If those in our environment appreciated their bodies, acted their age, and embraced the various stages of life, then we would do the same.

You will get older. That is life. Boys don’t want their fathers dressing and acting like them, neither do girls. They want parents– if you are a parent.

Everything we do as parents has consequences. Some are mild and some are life changing. When parents want to be cool, or liked by their children and the friends of their children, it gives that child a distorted view of parenting.

Mother is no longer the same after baby comes, neither is daddy and they have a job to do, and a child depending on them to do what God has assigned them to do so that every stage of life is met with love, grace and fulfillment.

A son or daughter growing up with parents who are unhappy with growing older, may opt to distance themselves from you, or decide to put you away in a nursing home so they are not reminded of what lies ahead.

Something to ponder. . .

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton