Why Should I Forgive?


Happy Girl

What does it mean to forgive a person? Does it mean they will suffer no punishment? Will it make you or them, feel better? I’ve heard of people forgiving someone who has murdered a son, daughter, or someone they loved. How do they do this? Does forgiveness require a special kind of person?

Holding an un-forgiving thought in your mind and heart is like purchasing a bunch of bananas, placing them on the counter and watching the peel turn black and the inside become mushy. The question is: Do you want to decay into mush or to be used for a greater purpose? Yes, you look good outside but un-forgiveness destroys unless you decide to do something about it.

I don’t have all the answers: there are some folks I’m still struggling to forgive. Forgiving is not easy when someone has stung your heart of left byproducts of rejection, abandonment and disappointment. I can remember un-forgiveness stacking up. I kept it because I wanted to keep it as a reminder of what I suffered at another person’s hands. Mind you, that person somehow went on with his or her life, but I still held on to those negative thoughts. I was unaware how un-forgiving thoughts and feelings hold me in bondage.

“Why should I forgive you?” Un-forgiveness opens the door to emotional deterioration. How do you begin to let go? Turn your un-forgiveness around: Make a list of those you have not been quite right with, who have scratched you the wrong way.

Write down what caused the bad feelings, the break in the relationship, or the consequences you experienced as a result of someone else’s wrong doing. Even if you don’t remember the details, write what you remember and ask God to help you.

“Why should I forgive?” Because God forgave us. He was willing to sacrifice His son for the forgiveness of our wrongdoings. How can we not do that for others? Forgiveness heals the soul, releases the Spirit’s greater blessings into our life. What have you got to lose?

Un-forgiveness is like a decaying banana

Un-forgiveness destroys

Let go and let God.

You have a greater purpose. Are you going to allow un-forgiveness to steal your destiny?

Keep the faith