When Doing Whatever It Takes Seems Like It’s Not Enough


Motivation Meeting

Have you ever attended a seminar, workshop or listened to a motivational speaker in the past? While you were there with that person or in that setting you were so pumped up. They had you going. Their words just seemed to hit you in the right spot.

For a moment you felt you could climb tall buildings, slay dragons. And then you walked outside, went home and suddenly you didn’t feel as motivated, or excited. Within a few days the experience had passed and you were right back where you started. . . no motivation. It has happened to me numerous times in the past.

I got fired up with promises, and potential possibilities! What let me down? Doubt, unbelief, and lack of self-confidence. You say, “Wait, Blondie, didn’t you take some of their books and tapes home with you?” Yes, I did. I read the books. I listened to the CD’s but it just didn’t give me that spark.

What happened? Doubt, unbelief and lack of confidence stole my motivation. When you start to force change using motivational speakers, books and CD’s these roadblockers do not want to move out the way. Because we can’t see an immediate noticeable change we disconnect.

It’s working but there is a battle going on to keep you where you are. You begin to fight against yourself. The walls are coming down but something is going on. What is it? Is it fear of the unknown? Fear of being out of control? Fear of moving into unfamiliar territory; moving out of your comfort zone? It can be one or all of these.

Your response is not unusual. Something is happening so we start putting up roadblocks to what we know is working and about to catapult us higher. I found myself there. Few will admit it, but I will. There is a lot to be overcome and motivational tools alone may not be enough for some, but they are a great starting point. You can reach your destination in spite of fear, lack of confidence and uncertainty with a little help.

Here are some practical steps:

1. Feel the fear and keep taking action
2. Practice patient with yourself
3. Resist the urge to quit
4. Revisit what you really want
5. Keep an open mind

Success can be yours. I have applied many practical steps to overcome and achieve but the one step that has taken me the greatest distance in spite of my fears is PRAYER. Prayer has been the tool used to help me to yield my fears and scarred emotions to a power higher than me…God. I have yielded the tough ones to Him, which has allowed me to rise above the voices in my head from the past and to draw great strength and courage through Him.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith
Blondie Clayton