What’s Holding You Back?


End of the Road

Are you stuck in a dead-end position, whether it is a job, career, or relationship and don’t know what to do? Do you feel that there is something greater in store for you but you just can’t seem to put your finger on it, or don’t have clarity yet as to what it is?

That is not a good spot to be in. This is where you are uncertain of what direction to take. It could also be that you have taken a direction and you feel perhaps you should have waited a little longer until you got clarity.

I believe some of us are just wired that way, we have to do something right or wrong. We just can’t seem to “wait upon the Lord.”

So what is holding you back? Is it knowledge, a skill, money, responsibility or fear? Let’s look at knowledge. What is it that you need to know? Have you sought to know by some type of training. Is it a skill that you need to get a better paying job, or position? Do you feel it is the money; you don’t have any? Maybe you have a spouse and children that you need to take care of. Are you sure it’s not fear of the unknown, uncertainty, and enjoying your comfort zone.

Some of these can be good reasons to keep from soaring like an eagle, but if you would take a moment and look within. Are you really okay with your decision? Or are you making excuses?

I remember a friend of mine said as we were getting ready to graduate from high school: “This is all there is to life: finish high school, get married, have children and that’s the end.”

Yes, I bought it. I bought her lie, but not for long. That is how she saw life, and lived like that, but I wanted to explore more options. I didn’t want to accept that this was all to life. What about you?

What is it you want to know? Then why not get started today. I have always believed that there is nothing impossible with God. At 10 years old I was told that I was going to write a book one day. I had no interest in writing a book, or publishing, but 30 years later those words became a reality.

The time came. I was not ready. Honestly, I did not want to undertake such a long term project. I made all kinds of excuses: “I’m unskilled in writing. I don’t know how to write and publish a book.” Finally, I yielded. I knew I was not going to get out of it.

What did I do? I began to pray, “God, you have placed this in my heart, now show me what to do, guide my path, fill me with your knowledge to get it done.”

I held these thoughts in my mind and heart everyday. I wouldn’t let them go. When a door would close, I would just repeat over and over, “show me” and before long I had successfully published my first book.

How could this happen? It happened. Stop selling yourself short. Are you ready to step out? My friend chose her path, and I came to my senses and began to chart my own course.

So what is holding you back? Maybe it’s a God thing. He’s trying to get your attention because he has an amazing plan for your life, one that you could never imagine.

If you could do anything you wanted to do, what would that be? What have you put on the shelf and forgotten about? Dust it off! This is the day to take action. One step-at-a time; baby steps add up.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton