What Do Other People Have That You Don’t?


Beautiful Home

Have you looked at other people’s success in relationships, finance, or careers and felt jealous, or envious? These are thoughts we feel ashamed to admit out loud, but they happen. I did. I have even gotten angry, “What am I doing wrong? When is my time going to come?”

Today I want to talk to you from what I’m looking at out of my window. I see seven Pine Trees. When I moved here over 10 years ago they were there. I can’t guess at their age, or height, but they are pretty tall. Most of the pine needles are at the very top of the trees. There are a few straggly branches that need to be cut off. They cover the heavens from my view.

Gazing out I can’t help wonder, what is their story? If they could talk, what would they say? In the 10 years I have been here I have witnessed: extremely hot summers, drought, rainy seasons, freezing temperatures and strong hurricane and tornado force winds upon them.

I stare in wonder. . . “Snap out of it, Blondie,” and I begin to reflect on the Pine Trees story and here are some of my assumptions:

1. Subject to the elements. No choice!
2. Lost branches along the way
3. Mortality is in someone else’s hands
4. No special attention
5. Experienced droughts
6. No shelter from rainy seasons, or heat
7. Living with the threat of the unexpected

Is this the type of life you would want? People have had experiences just like those Pine Trees, and now they are successful in every way. They have paid their price. Looking at their lives today everything looks good, but like those Pine Trees you don’t know the whole story.

We end up comparing where we are to where others are. What are we doing? We are saying that they are more special than us, that God has frowned upon us, has not counted us among the special. That is not true.
If you were to examine your life you would behold the miracle that is you. You would see that you always have had choice, even though you made a few bad ones.

Along your journey you would see that you have had some losses, times when you felt helpless and wanted to give up, suffered droughts and lived in some rough situations but in spite of it all, you were kept. Who kept you? The same one that has kept those Pine Trees in my yard. . . God.

We do not have to envy what others have. God has gifted each of us with many talents. We have had Pine Tree experiences and we are still standing strong. To others that we maybe envying they are envying us because through our Pine Tree experiences we too are still standing.

Those Pine Trees exhibit something unique; they trust the creator to make a way for them, to guide their growth, to protect and keep them supplied with what they need in order to finish their course. I believe he will do that for you, as he has done it for me.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith