My Eyes Are Tearing Up Right Now. . . Why?



“Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet” Aristotle

Are you struggling spiritually? Feeling as though you are not sure what God is doing? You want to take control, guide the ship, so you try a few things but nothing is seemingly flowing together? Have you just given up, maybe even feeling a little doubtful that what God has promised you will ever happen?

That is how I have been feeling. I am spiritually hungry all the time. I want to do more, but unclear on where God is directing me; and, yes, impatient. That has been my biggest battle. I want it to happen now.

I have stepped out to learn, grow and change; I am doing spiritually related works, such as workshops, internet talk topics, writing, radio talk, television, bible studies, classes, etc. only to realize there is still a hunger in my heart.

For years I have asked the LORD, “What is going on?” and he has been silent.

So I continued to get all excited, prepare for each undertaking. At times even feeling frustrated, wondering why God was giving me pieces and not the whole picture.

My eyes are tearing up right now as I attempt to continue to write from eyes that have been opened. Yes, I can set my own goals, what I think God wants and go do it. It is my discovery that the better place to be is humbled, allowing God to lead, be willing to follow no matter where He takes you.

I have come to recognize that it is better for God to lead, mold and shape, rather than me. Why is that? Because it keeps pride in check; that way, I can’t boast about what I did, but what He does.

What did I learn? That everything has purpose in God’s plan for your life. Nothing is ever lost or can’t be used. All of those ideas, the preparation, the execution was teaching me something greater than I ever dreamed.

It taught me great patience. It forced me to take action in spite of; to walk in faith. It reminded me of the character in the bible named Abraham, when the LORD told him to take his family and go to a land that he will show him.

That is what it is like on a journey that God is in control of. I learned that these events, actions, preparations, tasks were preparing me for the bigger picture of what God wanted me to do.

Perhaps you maybe feeling like I felt: a lot of pieces; disappointments; trails that lead to no where (or so you think); you want to move on but you are uncertain about God’s plan for your life.

Accept where you are. Take action any way. Be patient. Put your best into whatever ideas come to you that you feel are led by God. He is not leading to doubt, or a dead end. It is an end, but an end in Him and what he has planned for your life.

I’ve discovered that the path to where God leads you is not always straight. There maybe some hoops to slow you down, make you better, but be not concerned, keep your heart focus and leave the rest to Him.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,

Blondie Clayton

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