Unstoppable . . .


Purple Showers

“Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner.” Les Brown

What are you waiting on? You already have it in you to bloom right where you are. Your potential is within you, but nothing will happen unless you get started.

This was a lesson I learned from a plant I bought a few years back. I wanted to grow plants, shrubs and trees as a part of my backyard nursery. I didn’t know much, but I began to collect information on this one particular plant commonly called “purple showers,” and decided to invest in one.

Once I got it home I cut back the top and instead of discarding the pieces, I placed them in a container with water to see if they would root.

To my surprise, the next day the cuttings themselves had blooms on them, just like the mother plant, and within two weeks I could see little roots forming, which was encouraging.

Our lives can be characteristic of the purple showers plant. Sometimes we need a little boost to get going. We are pruned through life’s circumstances and get lost, don’t know what to do, or how to get moving. Nothing is happening, or so we feel.

Let me say it this way: Had I not cut those tops and took a chance I wouldn’t have known what I later discovered. The potential was there, but if it wasn’t tapped, nothing was going to happen. There are times you have to be willing to cut loose from the same old same old. . . Try something new.

The mother plant kept on doing what it was purposed to do, but all it could reproduce were more blooms and an occasional limb. The cuttings had their potential shut up in their attachment to the mother plant.

I believe we are co-laborers with God, as created beings, and we too have a purpose, and that is to re-create something before we die. Sometimes potential can’t be seen within the safety of someone else’s purpose.

When you are destined to bloom, as those cuttings were, nothing can stop you. Severing them from the mother plant didn’t kill their purpose. If you don’t stretch, then in 5 years you will find yourself collecting dust in that same spot.

You can be unstoppable. I discovered that if I threw cuttings in the backyard without planting them in the ground, they would grow. I remember digging up a row of them and a month later saw little tiny purple shower plants growing again.

You are what you decide to believe

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton

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