Tips for Improving Your Personal Communication Skills!



Do you have difficulty communicating your thoughts and feelings to others? Do you struggle finding the right words? Are you making yourself understood more often then not?

One thing is for sure if you don’t use it you will lose it. Communication is the cornerstone of family discussions, personal and business relationships.

Our first communication comes through our family relationships. Growing up in the house with mom and dad; it starts with how they see us, what they say to us as we grow and develop.

Communication is age appropriate although sometimes parents can keep the baby talk going longer than they should, but nevertheless communication starts with your first teachers, your parents.

Are you ready to communicate with power?

Basic communication steps began with introductions:

Step 1: Personal Introduction.

“Hi, my name is Fred; what’s yours?”

“My name is Ellen.”

The next step is to ask the right questions to see where your interests lie. Look for common interests. You will know when you touch upon one. You might start with what you do for a living and questions about length of time in that spot, or likes or dislikes.

Try to identify hobbies, types of foods, family data. Don’t probe too much. Always make eye contact. If you are a guy, take your hands out of your pocket; if you are a lady, don’t twist your hair and take the little girl posture.

Listen to the conversation. In conversations you can feed back pieces of sentences in the form of a question or comment, which will help you to stay on track with the conversation and keep your interest.

If you feel you don’t communicate well it may be a lack of confidence, or words to say. Don’t let those things stop you from communicating with others. The more you communicate the better you will get.

The best communication skill to develop is to listen. When you listen to others, they see you as a great communicator. Don’t be so eager to tell your side of the story. Sacrifice and focus your interest on the other person.

Another way to improve your communication skills: limit the number of people around you who are not good communicators. It will rub off on you. Instead, search for those who are good communicators and listen to what they have to say.

In the event you have a lazy tongue, read something out loud at least 10 minutes a day. It will strengthen your lazy, slurring tongue.

The off the cuff, random conversations in social settings, or one on one, with a stranger are tougher because you know nothing about the person and are attempting to establish a rapport quickly without the other person feeling interrogated like a suspect in a crime.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton