The Healing Hug!


Need a Hug

“Never underestimate the power of a single Hug; it can express Emotion that might otherwise go unnoticed, convey meaning beyond that which words can articulate, and heal wounds more effectively than any poultice.” Vernon E. Black

(Story Submitted by Cheryl Anderson and published by Permission)

Have you ever craved a healing hug and didn’t know it? Psychologists say we need four hugs a day to survive; eight to maintain or preserve ourselves and twelve to grow. That means many of us are severely deficient.

How many hugs did you give or get today?

I am a person who loves hugs. I discovered just how much I missed my daily dose of hugs after I left my corporate job to pursue another endeavor. My hugs have been few and far between in my new position.

We are social beings but have you noticed how many seem to shy away from physical contact? It’s about keeping your distance, protecting your personal space.

We gladly offer a handshake instead of a kiss on the cheek. Much focus is put on eating right and exercising. I think hugs should be included as a mood booster health remedy.

And then it hit me: a few months after leaving my job, I was having a frustrating day. It seemed like everything I did or tried went wrong. I burnt the toast at breakfast, my computer kept freezing up, and I was in physical pain.

I decided to leave everything and head out for the local Wal-Mart. I needed some fresh air, plus there were a few things I needed to purchase. For a moment I thought of reaching for something sweet to make me feel better.

Instead I walked through the parking avoiding eye contact. This was not a day for saying “hello,” just grab what I needed and go. Upon entering the store I headed to the shopping cart area. A woman was having a difficult time getting a cart. Everyone she tried was stuck. I decided to help her . . . not out of the goodness of my heart, but because she was delaying my shopping.

I untangled the cords on the shopping carts, pulled a cart for her and myself. She looked at me and said, “Thank you.” She did not stop at that. She said, “May I give you a hug?” We moved closer and she gave me the biggest hug I had received in months.

My eyes teared up. I felt a sense of relief. I thought, “That’s what I needed, a hug.” My whole outlook on my day changed. The pain subsided. I walked away smiling and continued smiling at people as I shopped.

Don’t let this day go by without giving someone a hug. Hugs are free but the priceless benefits are brighter days and stronger hearts.

Keep the faith.

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