Take Control of Your Daily Frustrations at Work and Home


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Does your business and personal life seem to be filled with challenges? Are you tired of how things are going? Is your life out of balance? How is your stress level? Face the problem and come up with a solution, or else it will steal your happiness and peace.

In Life and Business We Face Challenges

First, let’s look at what happens in business: believe it or not there are good days and bad days in business. Nothing stays the same. A business owner may deal with the day to day operations, the finances, the employees, and anything else that comes up during the course of a day.

Does that sound familiar? You run your household, and along with that come its set of challenges.

A Business Owner Decides Who Stays and Who Goes

Employees come in many different personalities. Among them are the difficult personalities, some straighten out when talked to and others don’t. Some follow the rules, others break them.

You find those same types in the family household, maybe in the form of a child.

Lack of Performance Affects Everyone

A business owner cannot afford to let non-performing employees continue to work. In spite of the employee’s circumstances outside of work, an employer cannot afford to relax the rules to accommodate one employee.

A family contains the same type of personalities, from children to pets and in between. A family with no one in charge, no methods of operation, and do’s and don’ts, can expect chaos and nothing will ever get done.

Courage and Strength to Make the Tough Decisions

Making the tough decisions can be stressful. When an employee has to be let go, everyone is affected. Those who have built a rapport with them, the ones supervising and the person who is let go.

In families this would be tough love moments. Yes, it hurts but must be done for the greater good of the family’s survival and the rearing of the child to take his/her place in a society where they must conform, or else pay the price.

Watch For These!

In the course of a business day, there are many challenges. Finding ways to cope with the daily stressors is important to the physical and emotional health of a business owner.

Things to watch out for: Avoid allowing the stress to move you into addictions: soft drinks, food, smoking, drinking, partying, etc.

Ignoring or hoping a family situation will change serves only to increase stress, but acknowledging, accepting and committing to change will help get control or manage a situation.

Take Time Off – Do Something Different

Take time off to remind yourself of why you chose to be in business for yourself. If you have a family, participate in doing things around the house that you normally would not do. Examples: Vacuum, prepare children for bed; cook a meal; cut the yard.

If you don’t have a family, focus on re-arranging the furniture, creating a meal from a recipe, or learn a new hobby or card game.

Activities outside of what you do at work, has the affect of helping to re-direct the stress, or distract your mind away from the challenges of work.

Stress Control Alternatives

There are several tools a business owner has available to de-stress during and after work: we talked about activities at home. Meditation is also good, taking a few moments to just sit and focus on something outside of work. Taking walks outside during work hours.

Activities to minimize stress can be applied to any situation you find yourself, whether a business owner, employee, or to your personal home life. Either you work on lessening the stress in your life, or it works on you.

How Do I Handle Stress?

It helps me to stop, take a few moments to read God’s word and to pray.

Making Healthy Choices

If none of these alternatives resonate with you, then seek other ways of releasing the frustrations of a day without picking up unhealthy habits.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton