Take A Stand For What You Believe . . . Even If No One Is On Your Side


Stand of Trees

“I delight myself in you, giving thanks for your emotional healing.” As I sat down to finally write again after two weeks of lost desire, I cannot help but repeat these words over and over.

What was wrong with me? Why wasn’t the faucet flowing? There was a transition taking place. I got lost in what I thought was my direction only to run to a dead end.

In that place I had to evaluate me and who my joy was rooted in. I have asked the Lord to help me to delight in Him. I have desired to share His wonders, His goodness, and His ways working in my life moment by moment.

“What really is important to me? Why is it important to me?” And the word came to reveal that my heart has turned toward what has infinite duration. What do I mean by that? Doing what will change people’s lives forever, equipping others to serve others. That is where my passion lies.

I started this journey to share my life experiences and how God has revealed himself to a hard heart (mine). What could wipe away the pain; what could make me feel alive; fill me with such joy and peace . . . God’s love.

What about you? What is it that you love? What are you passionate about? If you are having a moment where it looks like nothing is happening, that you are stuck, frustrated, or not sure what God wants . . . His direction. Be still and wait upon Him.

Where do you start? Admit where you are, what you are feeling, to a trusted friend, or a spouse. If you don’t feel you have that person around, or you are reluctant to share, then write it down. It will help you to get clarity.

It is okay to cry out in your private moment, to lift your voice up in prayer, asking for help, His guidance. If it means you have to abandon something you started and have invested your time in, you are not a failure, but wise. Your choice would be to keep kicking at a wall that is impossible to come down, or to heed the wall and learn from the wall. Why is the wall there? Perhaps it’s because you are off track, and it is there to stop you from going in the direction you are headed.

Walls and roadblocks have purpose. They do not have to be permanent if we understand why they are there.

Where are you in your spiritual walk? Is it just a name? Is God your pilot or co-pilot? Or are you your own god? It’s what we think we know that can hurt us the most.

Let me know how I can help.

Keep the faith,

Blondie Clayton

Where are you in your life purpose? Have you experienced so many storms you can’t seem to pick up the pieces? Do you feel as if there is something missing, a hole in your heart? If you are ready to move on, then schedule your 1 hour complimentary coaching session to discuss how. (Schedule Here)