Step Out! You Are About to Experience Many Blessings!



“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure” William Feather

Today was one of those days where I hoped to obey my elderly relative by going to Orlando, 45 minutes away, to follow up on her lead to hire banquet space for next year’s family reunion.

Why did I leave home without making sure she had done her home work. Too late. I was in Orlando, talked with the first hotel sales manager on my list it hit me. I was operating on assumptions.

My attitude shifted. . . might as well make the time count by visiting hotels that were not on the list because her list was not producing any fruit.

My point is: sometimes you can create your own frustrations by not taking the extra step to organize and plan out how to get something done, relying on others. There are times to rely on others and times to not.

At least I had directions, but imagine Abraham leaving his home country to just go with no specific place to go. He got his orders and he went. He didn’t question. His authority to act came from God. There was no turning back. No worries or concerns about what was left behind.

Abraham knew he could trust God with the outcome so he never questioned. As he moved in obedience he realized great opportunity. Along the way he encountered God in a deeper way, more personal. God revealed his plan to him, a plan that included wealth, a son and making Abraham the father of a great nation.

We may not always know what’s going to happen on our journeys, and we maybe disappointed along the way. The trip was not a total lost.

Acting under God’s authority is perfect but sometimes acting under man’s authority can be misleading. I was just as much at fault for how the trip turned out because I didn’t take that extra step.

Even in Abraham’s journey, though he was instructed by God what to do, he too at times got off track, yet God re-directed him path so he could complete God’s purpose.

When you feel you are not getting results, what do you do?
Do you get angry? Or give up in frustration? We all have a choice, don’t we? Or we can extend patience as God did with Abraham when he decided to do things his way.

Whatever we decide it was known by God any way. So I chocked it all up in love, and service as unto the Lord. Instead of seeing it as a waste I looked at who I was with. . . my husband and two year old. Thankful for this special moment together, we decided to enjoy a leisurely lunch, visit a few more places and head home.

You’re only defeated if you allow yourself. All in all had we not gone we would not have made the connection with the best out of the eight we visited.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton

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