Something Incredible Is About to Happen. . . But Not If You Quit


Hand and Puzzle

“To be grateful is to recognize the love of God in everything He has given us–and he has given us everything.”
Thomas Merton, writer and poet

It seemed as if over the last week I have been dropping bowls, glasses, even a piece of crystal that belonged to my deceased mother. What is going on here, I thought each time as I looked at those shattered pieces on the floor? And sometimes just when I thought I had gotten it all up I’d find another piece.

It dawned on me: the broken pieces were symbolic of a brokenness I once endured. My emotions were broken, but somehow my spirit was untouched. I didn’t know where to start to fix me. I was angry; I disliked who I was and my life. I wanted to give up. The events of my life had left me a mess emotionally. “How long must I endure?” I heard myself say many times, but somehow I knew better days had to come. My storms wouldn’t last forever, that there was a way to be salvaged.

I was emotionally fragile. I ran out of strength. My courage waning, my heart faint. I didn’t even know where to look to gather my broken pieces.

I came to the end of my misery, sunk in hopelessness, crying out, “If there is a God. . . If you are real, please help me. I can’t go on like this.” That was the first time I experienced this outpouring which was so tender, caring, protective, and impacting; all in one.

The emotional sting left and my heart danced with a new spirit. I felt different. I felt whole. “Can this be real? Am I the only one?”

No, I am not the only one. Over the years since my moment I have encountered many with a similar story. . . A giving up thought; hopelessness; crying out. Some were just like me: God was never apart of their life’s plan until all hope was gone or too many situations they felt powerless to control. It is at that point they were able to acknowledge and embrace God.

How could this be? I had my fill of God from childhood. God was forced upon me as a child. The picture portrayed through others in religious practices gave God a bad rap. I judged God by the behaviors of men and women. I denied he was of any importance to my life’s journey. I thought he was for poor people; the downtrodden. . . Oh, how wrong I was.

I ran my life on anger, determination and hate. I felt isolated and miserable. Did I really want to continue living like that? I didn’t know what I wanted, except not to feel what I felt. I believed I was doomed to live in that state
forever. . .

But the Good News is: the broken vessel is no longer broken, no longer a mess but have been born anew emotionally and spiritually and everything that was meant for evil has been turned into a message.

Feel free to share.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton

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