“Your Purpose, Change, and Why!”


Woman On A Swing

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” John F. Kennedy

I was sitting in my swing in the backyard, gently coaching my great granddaughter to play with a huge beach ball. She would bring it to me and I would kick it away, sending her running after it when the mangled up tent frame caught my eye.

“That’s all that’s left of our tent,” I thought? The frame contorted in such a way that it no longer would hold the canvass to shelter the sun or rain? It lost its purpose. The sun and rain had been gentle compared to the many winds that blew from every direction, leaving it laying on the ground unable to be re-shaped for use. It will never fulfill its purpose again. It served its purpose. We enjoyed many outings underneath its protection. As a matter of fact this contorted mess contained two tents which had been anchored together to protect our rabbit cages. . . the memory flashes back.

As I began writing this I had one thought, but the more I wrote I felt I was being led in a different direction. The emphasis is on things with a dual purpose.

The tent had its initial purpose and a secondary purpose. Its usefulness extended to protect our rabbits but was not prepared for repeated exposure to the elements.

Its purpose changed. Who changed it? My husband and I did. Why? Because we could. We were in charge of its usage. The tent was purchased by us and we could do with it as we pleased.

“This is getting good,” I thought. “Father, where are you going with this?”

The more I wrote I got excited. I kept hearing “change.” The tent’s initial purpose changed. I remembered that I too had changed, that I am not who I started out to be in life. My heart had softened. I didn’t act the same. I even thought about how much more I like who I have become.

“Is this about me,” I thought. I concluded that change happens in lives, and we are either ready for it, or not. People change for various reasons. Some decide to change because where they are they no longer like it. Others change at a moment in their life whether they are looking for change, think they need it, or care to have it.

The latter change can occur at any moment. It could take you from whatever you believe right now, open your spiritual eyes and bring you to a place of awestruck, reverence and praise, and you were not even religious.

Okay. It’s time to bring this to a close. I may have seemed as if I didn’t have a point but I do. It is about making your life count, exhausting your life, being used up, not dying with your greatest purpose unrealized. It is about being used by the Master for whatever purpose He chooses, embracing your new purpose with a thankful heart, willing to serve unconditionally.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton

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