After You Get Over Your Fear of Speaking…



After You Get Over Your Fear of Speaking…After you get over your fear of speaking, were words I heard when I first started out. There is more to giving a speech than coming up with a topic. I’ve just been asked to be the speaker at an event: “Breaking the Silence: Abuse Survivors Victory Benefit.”

My audience will be mostly women, though there maybe a few husbands. These are the donors. My speech points to consider: share my personal story about abuse, what life was like, when my healing happened, what I am doing now after the abuse.”

I need to keep in mind how much time I have (15 minutes) and what I want to accomplish with my speech (people donating to the cause).  It took me about a half hour to work through my objective. In my opening I would give 5 things that confirmed I had been abused. This has a two fold purpose: to help those present to possibly identify their symptoms and/or to educate attendees on what to look for.

For those who haven’t been abused I would give examples they could relate to, or a demonstration, so they wouldn’t be left out. Haven’t thought that all the way through yet.

Testimonies of others to help drive the point home, that there is a real problem, coupled with statistics. As I began to close I would mention, just in case they thought once a child grows up it’s over, remind them that these children grow up to become adults with issues.

My closing would go back to the purpose for the event (fundraising). Now it’s time to tell them how they can help, by supporting this program with their giving. I would reiterate the benefits of the program.



Creating an Income Stream As a Self-Published Author



Creating an Income Stream As a Self-Published Author

Creating an Income Stream As a Self-Published Author

Writing books can be profitable but not every self-published author writes a book for profit. Some write books to pass along to family and friends; others write because of the above, plus they have the cash to spend and technology allows them to do it. And then there is the writer who writes because they truly have a message they want to share. Which type are you?

When I started out a good friend of mine gave me a check for $10.00 to buy the first copy of my book. She believed that I could do it even when I wasn’t sure what I was doing. That friend and I have gone on to forge great author relationships, and a special friendship.

The first time author should prepare to recoup his/her investment, as the first priority. Start talking about your book. If you don’t know how, check out the resource and coaches services in the back of this book.

Money is not going to jump into your hands just because you wrote a book. Roll up your sleeves and go to work. Order enough books to recoup your expenditure. You can’t make money by ordering two books. Calculate your investment; order the amount of books to replace your initial outlay; if not, who are you kidding. Two books guarantees you plan to fail and have no plan to succeed.

Look at what you invested. Let’s say its $955.00 dollars and you were blessed to receive 100 books for that price. You sell the book for $12.95 each. That comes to $1295.00. You have recouped your investment, plus profit. Every re-order increases your profit until you are working strictly with your profit.

Packages that offer one or two books simply delay the upfront expense. You need to sell books. There is no way around it.

Begin with family and friends. If you have written a book and you are not willing to sell to friends and family who are familiar with you, then you haven’t passed the first test of being an author.

Family and friends prepare you to deal in the marketplace. If you were to be published by a traditional publisher, you would be asked to provide them with a list of at least 100 names. So why not use that strategy as a self-published author?

Use what you have: e-mail your friends and family with an announcement of your book. Ask them to share the e-mail with their friends. Build a track record. Look at what your book is about. Is it something you can teach or give talks on? Even if it is your life story, look at your chapters. Is there anything you can make a message of?

My first book was an autobiography. I can’t tell you how many times I have used the story of my life to create various talk topics, and you can too. Think about it!

Traditional publishers pay an average royalty payment of 10% per book. Do the math. If your book cost $12.95, how much are you getting at 10% of the retail cost per book? It comes out to about $1.30 per book. How many books do you have to sell to make $500.00?

You’ve heard me say it; if not, I will say it for you one more time: It’s not the book it’s the hook. I wrote my first book, coached hundreds of others to do the same. My income expanded by not only writing but publishing books.

Think outside the box. Publishing a book should be just the first step to your goal. Begin to think about your likes, what you do for a living, your hobbies and passions.

Is there anything you can show or teach another person how to do? Come on! You have lived your life up to this point, maybe even raised a few children. There has to be something you have done successfully over your lifetime. Make a list.

You can make money as a self-published author with a plan of action. Make a list of all the things you know, or think authors do: book signings, book tours, radio, TV, etc. The market is crowded but if you cultivate strategies to stand out from the crowd, you too, can make your investment pay off.

Let me stop right here and walk you through the process of standing out from the crowd. A. Ephraim Cox self-published: “How to Succeed Through Positive Thinking and Behavior.” He’s 76 years old. His life experiences have been in the field of counseling, X-Ray Tech, Bible Teacher, Business, husband, father, etc. He’s had a lot of successes in his life. He is Mr. Personality and a positive thinker.

Advice givers are popular; people are seeking advice in every area of their lives. Mr. Personality needs a way into the marketplace, to start building his own track record. He is already Mr. Personality, so let’s call him “Mr. Personality.” Because he has a great attitude for his age, and his experiences are working in his favor, he can use this brand to move into personal development and business circles. “Mr. Personality” at 76 has something to say, and he wants you to know it. This positions him to increase his book sales.

“Mr. Personality” can’t compete with the well established motivational, positive thinking gurus but he is well on his way. “Mr. Personality” decides to create a talk topic to deliver his message. One of his subtitles is called: Increase Confidence and Maximize Your Performance. His target audience is: the motivation and positive thinking buyers, those looking to improve themselves and to increase their performance personally and in their careers.

He is ready to sell himself to groups, organizations, businesses, clubs, etc. Look at the subtitle. Is it attractive enough, or does it need more sizzle? Since he is 76 and amazing, that can be played upon. His message changes to: How to Increase Confidence and Keep Your Brain At Maximum Performance Even at 76.

Now, I ask you, would you be curious to see this person? I would.

So now you can see how you go from just a self-published author, to standing out from the crowd. Discover your own brand; don’t copy others.

“Mr. Personality” is ready to meet his audience, and he did.

If you don’t have confidence as a speaker you may want to invest in “Speak Like A Pro”. A track record is built one action at a time. Nothing happens overnight, but it will, if you persist, and don’t quit, the monetary rewards will catch up to you and overflow your bank account.

Did I forget to mention the satisfaction of realizing your dream, and helping others to realize their God given potential?

“Mr. Personality” has become a speaker, workshop presenter, author and coach, not just a person who wrote a book. Look at the spin-off from one action. Now you have created another income stream.

Guess what! All is not lost, “Mr. Personality” recorded all of his free, and paid for speeches, while building a track record, plus his workshops, etc., which adds up to more money in the bank. Do you hear cha-ching, cha-ching?

I guess you have figured it out by now, that there is more to being an author, than just the writing of a book. It’s the hook and not the book.

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