Negative People CAN Push You to Your Purpose


Success and Failure sign

“Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Words Will Never Hurt Me”

How many times have you heard those words, or said them yourself? Is it true? Have you ever been hurt by words, whether spoken, or written? I have, and it broke my stride for a moment, just for a moment I had a pity party, tried to pick myself up to get my engine going again. As a matter of fact, I got down right angry and wanted to retaliate, to take revenge on the person who dared say, or write those words that cut me, caused me to bleed.

Truth of the matter, you can dwell on those people and their words, written or spoken, or you can keep giving them power over you by rehashing those words over and over, or you can recognize what is happening, that the person was on assignment to attack you, derail you, slow down your progress–isn’t that what those words did?

Or you can thank that person because without those words, written or spoken, you might have grown complacent, or stalled in a spot and never moved on. They did it. They are not where you are. Accept it. Did they care how those words would affect you? Absolutely not!!!

So if they happen to arrive on a day when you weren’t strong enough to handle them, Oh, Well, that’s not their problem. They said what they had to say, with no regard to the fallout. Guess what they may have even twisted those words to justify their part, or they may have conveniently left out a part of the facts. It doesn’t matter. The sooner you realize who you are dealing with, the less time you are going to spend chasing after your tail, or trying to diagnose right or wrong, or the personality type. Stop wasting time.

If those words written or spoken was about something you were doing for them, that is all they care about. That is the type of people many continue to be. If you are going to succeed in this type of environment, you will have to react not with emotions, hurt feelings, discouragement, but know what you are up against, who they are and what their job is.

These people have come to help you to fulfill your dream, your purpose; they have come to make sure you don’t rest on your laurels. That is their job. When you forget that, then hurt, disappointment and the pity party starts.

When your success is like a never-ending stream, those same ones will credit their deeds to helping to make you successful. Don’t kid yourself, they did, can’t you see? You do not have to be torpedoed by such personality types, unless you choose to.

What matters most is staying focused on the prize. If your prize isn’t clearly before you, look out, you will falter–sometimes you may stumble, even with a clear vision of your prize. It’s okay. Adjust your position, regroup, take courage, refocus, GO!

The success driven attitude, refusing to allow anything to hinder, sidetrack, or knock you off your path to purpose. This is where you see all effort has come to aide you in your success process.

You too can develop a success driven attitude: Change how you see negative people, what they hurl your way. Look beyond their evil motives, see the bigger picture. Did you get angry? What did your angry state move you to do, or say? When you sort it out you will see, though these acts sabotaged your efforts, or pushed your buttons, you are better now than you were before? Are you stronger? Did you learn anything?

That is the key to getting where you want to go and having what you want to have. See the good in every bad thing that happens to you.

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