If Your Life Garden Has Weeds, It’s Time For Them To Go!


(Printed by Permission of Cheryl Anderson)


Are you entertaining anything right now that could be affecting where you want to go in your personal life, or business? Do you recognize that there are roadblocks taking place in your life? Have you taken the time to dig deeper to see what is going on and how it is hindering your progress?

You could have some weeds that have sneaked in unnoticed and have set up camp, leaving you wondering what is going on.

Let’s see what some of your weeds could be: fear, bad attitude, bitterness, poor eating habits, laziness, doubt, procrastination, neglected relationships, etc.

A weed is a plant out of place and not intentionally sown, or a plant growing where it is overlooked until it becomes a problem.

For example, if you let the weed of bitterness remain it will move to resentment, revenge and hate. Is that what you want? Weeds growing in your life garden will choke out your joy, peace and block your progress.

If you choose to do nothing to correct the weeds growing in your life garden, you are giving it permission to be there and do whatever it wants.

There are consequences to allowing a weed to pop up and go unchecked, or ignored. A weed left to its own it will steal your well being.

How do you begin removing weeds in your life? Identify them, make a list, and begin one by one to modify, pluck up, or totally replace. Let’s say fear is a weed. Meditate on where the fear is coming from. Pray and ask the Lord to show you His light, His truth. If the weed is poor-eating, educate yourself on how to eat healthy and practice it.

More tips on getting those weeds under control:

1. Meditate on cause
2. Pray
3. Think of a new habit to replace the old one with
4. Resist the temptation to return to old habits
5. Practice the new habit till it takes root
6. Be persistent
7. Be patient
8. Commit and don’t turn back

Let me know how you’re doing pulling up the weeds in your life garden.

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