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man and bear

“God loves me just as I am today. He knows all my junk. . . and lack of faith, and he loves me anyway. However, He loves me too much to leave me the way I am.” Anonymous

I remember when I was in Middle School, on my way home and I was being followed. I wasn’t the paranoid type but I became alerted to this young man trailing me. I had no training in how to defend myself. Before I knew it I was at the building I lived in. I don’t know why I went inside. . . Maybe I thought I could get in first and make it to my door before he did.

I was too late. By the time I got to the top of the stairs I heard the door open. It was him. I heard myself say, “You don’t live here so what are you doing here?” Whatever he heard that day he left the building.

Have you ever faced a situation in your life where your back was against the wall and you felt trapped, like there was no way out? Did you feel that doors were closed and that if there was a God, he must not love you?

In moments like that something amazing happens. Some people call it luck. Or something spoke to me. They may even call it intuition. . . Maybe even a sixth sense. At one point in my journey I too have had experiences that I didn’t know what to call them, so I labeled them one of these.

I have come to recognize there is no such thing as luck and I am convinced that God knows everything about me and that he guides my life. This relationship started out on the surface; and like so many, I never gave Him credit for anything related to my life.

That young man had evil intent that day. I shutter to think what would have happened that day but God’s presence with me turned the situation around. I have experienced so many moments like that with the Master.

Life is filled with so many events we fail to understand. We ask a lot of “why” questions. Sometimes we lose heart. We don’t have answers for the bad things that happen to us. Along the way we discover where our strength and weaknesses lie after we have been broken. We seek to become conquerors through Him who made heaven and earth.

I don’t believe there are happenstances. I believe that when things happen, good or bad, it is for a greater purpose. But our minds struggle with the sense of it all. It doesn’t make sense.

What that young man didn’t know that day as he selected me to be a victim, that I had enough rage in me to take his life, if he had forced himself on me, or tried to harm me. I vowed never to be a victim again. Rage was in me before God entered my heart.

Opportunists are waiting to snare, to harm. What changed his mind that day? I was too young to understand then, but in hindsight it has become clearer. I was destined for something greater, and he came to steal and what rose up in me that day was what God gave me: the power of fight or flight.

You have a purpose and there is an enemy trying to steal it from you. You are not a weakling. You are God’s property. Don’t give up. You won’t see where you are going until you begin to take action.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton

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