“Keep Your Eyes On the Prize”


Question Mark

“God’s harmonizing Spirit fills me and overflows from me to others” Daily Word

What’s on your mind? Is it cluttered with “to do lists?” Are you peeved about something that happened? Do you feel disappointed in people that you had grown to respect? Do you have moments when you are overwhelmed with frustration at situations or people you can’t change?

I feel you. Have had a few moments like that recently. I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions, to the point I’m tired of asking MYSELF.

Self can’t give me the kind of answers I need; can’t help me solve the problem. Experience has taught me that self is not always reliable. Perhaps that is the reason for the frustration and feeling overwhelmed at times.

Where do I start? First, I took a piece of paper, or my journal and wrote every thought that came up. What am I doing? Emptying out to sort out what’s happening.

This is my way of placing it all on my paper altar. You get tired of hearing yourself say the same things over and over, don’t we? I do. Let me speak for myself. This is even more frustrating.

Of course, everything is not always to be shared with another human being unless they have earned that trust.

After writing it down, I looked it over, one by one. What do I see? Emotions, lots of emotions surfacing. Intense emotions, and, yes, angry emotions. What amazed me, as I wrote the list, emptied out, cried out in desperation: “How do I put any of this in words. . . understand all of this?”

And to my surprise I heard, “Keep your eyes on the prize.”

What is this statement saying? First of all, I’ve heard it before. It is a reminder that, yes, there are little imps attempting to steal my peace, confuse my mind, directing my eyes on “me” and “my” feelings but I must not fall for this deceptive tactic.

“Whatever is coming after you, can you do anything about it? Is it with your control?” I questioned. . . No, I can’t, but God can.

Frustration blinds and mixes up your reasoning; you can’t seem to get clarity. A frustrated mind is useless and needs renewing. How does one renew the mind when we are dealing with what seems impossible; the mind is cluttered, and confused?

Lets review the words “keep your eyes on the prize.” Therein lies renewal. Thinking on the future and the hope and not on the problems; believing that God knows and is taking care of the troubles.

God’s workings continue to amaze me. Just when it gets dark, His light shines in to the rescue. Thank you, LORD, once again for watching over my soul.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton

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