Just When I Wanted to Give in, Looking Defeat In The Face. . .


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“My greatest point is my persistence. I never give up in a match however down I am. I fight until the last ball. My list matches shows that I have turned a great many so called irretrievable defeats into victories.” Bjorn Borg

Have you ever been at a crossroad, whether in your personal life or business life? In that spot there is uncertainty. You are walking out a path but not sure if it is the right way to go. Should you go this way or that way? What is the right way to go?

My husband and I had been discussing the future of our business. For months there was this one area we just did not know what to do with. We had out grown what we started out to do. It had been obvious for months but we just didn’t know what direction to take.

We decided to hire several coaches to apply their expertise to help us to clarify our next move. It was a journey and though we were able to make progress we were feeling as if we missed something.

We didn’t want to let go of the bread and butter of the business but knew we needed to take a bold step to get to the next level our business was taking us.

This particular day I got a call from a client who had been calling hoping our prices would go down so she could afford to use our service. After dialoguing with her for about twenty minutes, it brought to mind that we really needed to shift this part of our business, which seemed to promote unrealistic expectations from a self-publisher’s perspective.

After the phone call, I was pacing the floor, talking it out with my husband and finally, I said, “LORD, where do we go with this? What should we do? I don’t want to sell dreams that mislead. What should we do?”

As soon as I ended the prayer I had a thought that was the clarity I had been seeking. It was so simple I felt stupid. We were in the right business model but it had grown so fast that the core business had been diluted in our pursuit of taking the business online.

In life and business the longer we do something it just feels right and we don’t want to change. We keep on doing the same things over and over, yet not getting the results we want.

You may not have to give up what you are doing but it may need to be clarified. That may require a trip back to the beginning and sometimes it could be that it’s covered over with so much other stuff that you can’t see clearly that things are shifting away from the intended purpose instead of becoming an extension of the original idea.

The assistance of a good coach can help sort out your thinking and guide you onto the right track. For me prayer is essential, even in choosing the right coach. I’ve come to understand that prayers aren’t always answered right away. Though I prayed while being coached, my answer didn’t come until after the coaching stopped.

Was my investment in coaching lost? I don’t believe that efforts are ever wasted. You may discover as we did, that after getting clarity what we gained was more benefits to serve up to our customers.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton

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