Is God Calling You To Do Something Different, Or Is He Expanding Your Territory?


Kid and Dog traveling

Are you looking at where you are right now and wondering what God is doing? Or unsure what you should do next? Are you asking, how what you have done in the past fits into where He is taking you?

It’s kind of hard to figure, isn’t it? There have been times I have said, “God, why don’t you just tell me what you want? Why do I have to go through what seems like going around in circles? What is it you want?

Did you get an answer? I didn’t. The whole picture is never laid out. Over 17 years ago he started my husband and I on the road to becoming self-published and then publishers. It grew into a passion for helping Christians to tell about how God had worked in their lives.

Then He began to reveal more of what He wanted. Quite frankly, I wasn’t on board with it but it began to happen. I am passionate about the things of God, wanting to share him with others, so I saw my position as publisher carrying out God’s plan to another level.

At one point I felt stagnant. There didn’t seem to be more I could do for those new authors. I was frustrated because I knew why I started publishing my first book, I wanted to tell my story to help others, and help others to do the same.

“Was I in my calling,” I asked myself, or had I forgotten? A year ago, I said, “What’s the use? God, where is all of this going?”

You probably are asking yourself that right now as you read. What I am sure of, God has a plan bigger than I can imagine. Looking back is proof that he has orchestrated every move, whether I liked it or not.

Going from just wanting to publish a book to talk about Him, how He healed me from sexual abuse and rape, to publishing other Christians who had stories of faith to tell. I couldn’t see my future being as expansive as it is today. God shielded that from me. As I walked it out, He began to create and direct my path.

What about you? Are you wondering about what God is doing and how all that you have been through and going through fits into the end result of His plan for you? You should be because it does fit.

Everything that has happened to you, past and present, is a tool God will use to work for the greater good. It won’t just be your good alone, but the good of those who belong to Him. Work the work God has placed in your hands, be diligent, don’t doubt, but believe that it is not in vain.

Keep the faith