If You Know What You Want, No One Can Take You Off Your Course


Bowl of Onions

Looking at this picture, there are so many thoughts I jotted down to share. I purchased a pound of onion bulbs. I planted about 100, gave some to my friend and still had these left.
I couldn’t think of anything else to do with them, so I sat them on the counter top and forgot about them and kept asking my husband what he was going to do with the few we had left and his response was the same each time: “Plant them.”

Three months later we were standing by the countertop, I reached for the bowl to remind him that we needed to plant the onions, and to my surprise, there was one with green growing out the top. I couldn’t believe what I saw: one onion bulb sprouting green among all the other dead bulbs in the bowl. I guess you could say I left them there to either die or thrive. If they died, it would have been okay, but I just didn’t need to plant any more onions.

This little onion seemed determined to fulfill its purpose in spite of the dead onions it sat in the middle of.

How could this be? No water. No sunshine. No care. What is this little onion saying: “Can’t you see I want to live? I want to fulfill my purpose. Help me. I made it in spite of. I just need a little help because if you don’t plant me I will wither and die.”

Is that little onion speaking your heart? Do you feel like you are withering and dying, yet you know there’s got to be more? Are you asking yourself what’s wrong with you, what are you missing, how can you grow pass where you are?

If I could talk to you for a moment from the little onion’s message: are you hanging around with dead beats who have given up, who are not interested in much pass the comfort they enjoy right now? Future! What is that? This little onion had something special. It wanted to survive, to thrive, to fulfill its purpose. Sure there were others around, circumstances of neglect, but that didn’t stop it, did it?

You have what that onion has. The potential is in you. What’s holding you from thriving, from releasing your pure potential? Is it the type of people you hang around, or have allowed into your circle? They may be holding you back. Why? Either they are like you, or they are making you feel significant. Think about that for a moment.

It’s time to thrive! Stop making excuses! Are you going to die before you have ever really lived, or take a lesson from the little onion? The people you are spending the most time with could be holding you back. If they are happy where they are, even though they complain they are not, perhaps it’s time to add new people to your circle.

My goal was to coach others through life. So what did I do? I’ve added to my circle people who are coaching, speaking, doing what I do at a higher level. I spent a season with writers and those who published their first book. They were just like me. I wanted more. What about you?

The little onion has now been removed from the dead bulbs and placed in its own special spot. Now it’s your turn.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,