I Can’t Keep This Secret to Myself


breaking chains

Have you ever witnessed a two year old falling down in the store, parking lot, or the mall, screaming, calling names, threatening, refusing to cooperate? You remember the look on the parent’s face, don’t you?

A look of hopelessness, despair, frustration, not sure what to do, embarrassed at how their child is behaving.

This child has formed habits which will get him what he wants with no regard to the parent and the parent throws up their hands and declares, “I don’t know what to do about this.”

Are you feeling anxious right now? Maybe even a little mad? Would you like to have a talk with that parent? Maybe you are just shaking your head because you have seen this before and you are one of those you already know what the outcome will be, don’t you?

I thought I would use this to release your emotions, get you thinking about how habits are formed not only in children but in adults. They begin one step at a time and if not put in check they take over and can make you the servant.

Bad habits and good habits begin one step at a time. Take a look at your habits right now. Are they habits that are leading you to fulfillment, happiness, improving your health or are they habits that have self-destructive consequences?

Alcohol and drugs are not the only habits that destroy. For example, if you drink soda all day and never drink water, that habit will have future consequences. Perhaps you are a snack food junkie. I think you get the picture.

Some years ago I smoked 3 ½ packs of cigarettes a day trying to cope with my stressful job situation. That was the second time I picked up cigarette smoking. This time was worse than the first time years before.

I tried lighting up a cigarette, smoking half and putting it out; holding a fake cigarette in my hand and mouth; herbal cigarettes; smoking lower nicotine brands. Nothing worked. I felt powerless until the day in desperation I said, “Lord, I’ve tried everything, but nothing has worked. I can’t seem to quit. Please help me. I want to quit.”

I continued to smoke even after my prayer. I gave up, acknowledged that I was weak and couldn’t. Weeks later I lit a cigarette as usual and began to puff. It was the worse taste I had ever had from a cigarette. I couldn’t smoke it. I kept trying to smoke but I couldn’t stomach the taste. That was 23 years ago.

There are things we don’t understand that happens in the natural when we pray spiritually. I can’t tell you “why me” or that it will happen to you. It had nothing to do with my faith, or belief. What happened began to open my eyes to spiritual things.

What habits are you trying to get under control? Is it anger? Is it an addiction to sports? Perhaps you want to stop doing destructive things to yourself. Or maybe you are feeling hopeless in a situation you find yourself.

I never thought anymore about my prayer. I kept on smoking. I stopped trying to get control, to make myself quit. I left it alone.

Now the ball is in your court.

Let me know about habits you have overcome.

Keep the faith