Have You Tried Praying?


A Woman Praying

I met a lady recently who was talking about the impact of the economy on her family. I couldn’t help thinking, here is a family: husband and wife prepared for their future and hard times has hit. Their children are grown and they are retired, watching expenses eat away at their life’s provision. You could tell this was bothering her. We met at a business opportunity meeting a friend had invited us to.

People are becoming desperate to survive. Jobs no longer provide security; there are little or no benefits to the workers now; homes are being foreclosed on; food, household expenses, taxes and gasoline are going up, but salaries remain the

Is the answer to file for bankruptcy, to take on an extra job, to start a home based business, to give up in despair, or hold on? Some of these things could be your answer, yes. Either way there is a price to be paid no matter what decision you make in these times.

If you have turned to or considered any of the above, or not sure what to do, and all of your efforts have yielded great pain, frustration and confusion, then I would propose prayer. Have you tried praying?

So what is prayer? Is it just for certain religious people? Before you reject the idea, remember, what you are facing. Is there anything in these situations that you can do to help yourself? If it was, you probably would not be reading this.

Prayer is talking to God. You’ve told everyone else about your situation but have you considered God? It doesn’t really matter, He hears anyway. In talking to God you are acknowledging that you are faced with stumbling blocks, that you have no solutions, and that it is causing you much anxiety.

Even Dr. Phil says that you cannot fix what you’re not willing to acknowledge. Prayer starts with, your willingness to accept your powerlessness to counter your situation. Prayer can lead to peace of mind, direction, clarity and ideas that could very well change the course of your situation.

There is nothing complicated about prayer. It is simply talking to God with sincerity of heart, reverencing his supernatural intervention and power beyond even your comprehension.

If you are going through some major situation in your life, setbacks, or emotional distress, praying can’t hurt. It is better to pray than do nothing, allow things to happen.

I believe when one finds themselves in the lowest place in life, they are ripe for a supernatural intervention.

Miracles do happen.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton