Has This Ever Happened To You?


Broken Glass

Isn’t it strange that we seem to be more open to God talking to us when we are in a crisis? Are conversations with God unusual? Is God still talking to humans today? What does God want from us? How many times have you heard yourself say: “I said to myself…” Or “something told me to do this. . .” “This voice told me don’t. . .”

Could it be that there is a voice speaking from a place we cannot see, nor understand? Here are some amazing stories, people I have had the pleasure of interviewing over my 17 years of interest in people’s lives and their stories.

A man hooked on drugs told the story of being in the middle of shooting up in a drug house when he heard a voice say, “Get up and go home.” He didn’t until what seemed like a bolt of lightening came through the roof of the drug house and almost killed him. He left there that day and never used drugs again.

Another lady, in an adulterous relationship, arrived at her lover’s house; the two undressed each other and proceeded to lie on the bed, caressing each other, when she heard a voice say, “Get up! You’re not that person any more.” She had been struggling with adultery for years, thought she was doomed to commit this act forever. Today she is free.

One young lady was driving with her boyfriend around town looking for an apartment when suddenly she heard a voice say, “Look over there to your right. There is a vacancy.” It turned out to be the right price and the right location.

A young boy ran outside to see his neighbor’s wife screaming, “Help, my husband is trapped under the car. The car has fallen on him.” He had been home that day, just sitting and watching television when he heard a voice say, “Go outside.” He did and was given the supernatural strength to lift the car off of this man’s head.

A father dreamed that his young rebellious son was heading for something tragic or possibly even death. The grandmother confirmed that something was about to happen. These warnings through dreams and conversations kept recurring. The young boy left home one day, told his mother he was going one place, ended up in another, where he was struck down by a motorist preventing a friend from getting hit. He was in a coma for almost two months. The dreams stopped, the grandmother regained her peace, and the boy came out of his coma.

Have you ever had someone to come just when you needed to hear a word of encouragement, or an answer to a prayer? God does not only talk to us directly, He also talks through other people and His Holy Word. Sometimes He even communicates in dreams.

I too remember the day I looked up into the sky, asking God to take away the bad memories of my childhood when I was startled by this voice that said, “I’m leaving them there because you are going to write about them one day.”

I had no idea what this voice was talking about. I was clueless at 10 years old. 30 years later I wrote The Rise Above My Father’s Abandonment, sharing the conversations with God that led to my healing of emotional scarring related to sexual abuse.

It took many conversations, and asking, “Are You Talking To Me, God?” to bear the fruit of writer, author, publishing coach and professional speaker; none of which I desired to do. Today I am not sorry that I listened because I have been given an opportunity to impact others through writing and coaching.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith