Encouragement Comes In Strange Ways



“God, you are my anchor in the wind of life. I trust you that as I experience the winds of life that I can stand against it because you are on my side.”

Who is holding you down? Are you moving forward in your life? Are you feeling anxious, incomplete, stuck or just can’t figure what is going on?

Staring out my bedroom window. It’s 1:45 p.m. watching the trees swaying to the movement of the wind. The swings on the swing set move slightly. I can see parts of the set. . .The netting is flapping to the wind. It has broken loose. Couldn’t hold on. It gave in. . .broke.

One of the chairs to the backyard table set has blown over. An invasive species of weeds has taken over my backyard. The tarp over the rabbit hutches blows the length of the ropes holding it and no further. The tarp is torn in places. It is the casualty of days past when conditions were unfavorable. If this tarp wasn’t tied down it would blow away. . .

As I watch I am reminded of my life’s journey: blown to and fro but able to hold on; torn but not ripped apart; times of staying in the safety zone, not willing to rock the boat.

My life is driven by something I can’t see but I know it exist. I can’t see the wind at work but I see the consequences. Sometimes we need an anchor and other times we let the wind carry us forth. What keeps me from being blown away, from being unstable?

Silently I ponder: “It’s you, Lord. You are the invisible wind behind my life. I can’t reach out and touch you physically, but I see your work and I surrender not out of fear but reverence.”

What are you looking for? Is it happiness? What do you want to happen in your life? What’s missing? Are you ready to make changes?

Never underestimate the power of what you can’t see.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton

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