“If This Is Eating At You, There Is Help . . .”


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“All who call on God in true faith, earnestly from the heart, will certainly be heard and will receive what they have asked and desired.” Martin Luther

Living with a guilty conscience can rob you of the enjoyment of life. It can cause you to take your life if allowed to rule. It will cause you to do more and more destructive things to quiet those voices in your head until you are consumed by nothing moral.

What is a conscience, and where did it originate? We all start out with it. Our parents tried to teach us what is right and what is wrong, in keeping with God’s instructions. We got it for a little while, at least while we were under their roof. Little did we know that inside each of us there is this ability to know right and wrong but we can override and ignore it to feed our own selfishness.

Let’s look at what a conscience does. When you cross over into wrong doing it rises up to let you know. You become aware that something is wrong with your action, and it will keep reminding you to make something right.

Have you ever tried to ignore a moment like that? I have. When I was a kid, I stole a candy bar. The man in the store said I did. I denied it. He let me go, but my conscience did not.

This voice of my wrong stayed with me for a long time. No matter how much you attempt to ignore your conscience, you can’t. It didn’t feel good. I never did that again, nor anything like it.

As a child I knew nothing about spiritual things and how God fit into the picture of creation, so what I was left with was guilt to try to bury and move on. I was carrying around this wrong and didn’t know what to do with it, because I had been taught better.

How is it that our conscience alerts us to right and wrong? I wasn’t spiritual, or had any knowledge of God. There are mysteries that cannot be answered, but they are what they are.

What I have learned: your conscience can be set free, it can be cleansed. No matter how long ago something took place you do not have to be a prisoner to your conscience forever.

As the story goes, humanity knew no wrong until two people made a decision at the beginning of all creation to do it their way and ignore God’s way. A decision which disconnected mankind from his creator directly but triggered within a conscience that alerts us to when we have strayed away from God’s plan.

If you are experiencing any of this, it could be a sign your conscience is at work trying to restore you to God’s way, whether you acknowledge Him or not. These bad feelings about something you did, or about to do, the lack of joy, a voice that keeps accusing you with words like, “You know that is not right. Don’t do it” could be the result of your conscience putting you on alert.

A guilty conscience can manifest itself in many ways: attempting to drown your thoughts in Alcohol, drugs, relationships and more wrong doing. Your severe sickness and disease could be the result of holding some guilt from the past.

You are not wrestling with a physical condition. You can’t see your conscience but you know it is there. Take a moment and search yourself. Is there anything from the past or right now that is not setting well with you, if so, you can let it go. God did not create you to be guilty, but to be free.

“Only God can set a guilty conscience free. And he will free yours today, if you ask him.”

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton

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