The Secret Behind Visions / Dreams Rarely Discovered



Have you ever had a dream/ vision come true? One you desired; one God gave you; or a vision while you were awake?

I started writing this a few weeks ago and just couldn’t seem to finish it. “What was I missing?” I kept asking myself. There is more to what I want to say than what I was seeing on the pages.

Examining my own life. . . As a child my sleep dreams were nightmares. Never anything good. I would be running from something; trying to find something in my sleep.

In spite of negative sleep dreams there was a time in my life I had a vision. I was in high school and they were having tryouts for the school twirler team. As I watched I was surprised at what my eyes saw: me twirling a baton on this huge field.

I had never thought nor attempted to do any physical extra curricular activity, but I made the team. The vision came true. I looked forward to being out there on the field with the team. I was the first African American to integrate the Caucasian twirler team.

It started out as my desire to be a part of this team. I wanted to see if I could do it, and I did. Once I succeeded it was no big deal. As a matter of fact, I remember thinking, “Success! Is that all there is to it?”

Why did I feel this way? What is it about succeeding at it that lost its excitement? Why wasn’t it important to me?

I accomplished something historically notable that would go down in the history of the school. Others thought it was great but all I wanted to do was to stand out, to be someone.

Reflecting on my thoughts and attitude from the past reminded me of what happened to Joseph (a biblical story I read). Joseph went to sleep, had a dream; woke up and shared his dream. It was not just one night, one dream, but two dreams. Joseph thought that it was about him elevating himself but it was bigger than that.

Joseph’s dreams were prophetic (of things to come), but he thought it was about him. My vision was about me. Different methods yet with a purpose. Victory happened quicker for me but took years for Joseph’s dreams to come true.

Why do some have vision and others have dreams? I don’t know. It happens. We later find out from Joseph’s story that his dream was for a greater purpose, to save a nation from famine. Joseph thought it was about him and being bowed down to by his family.

As a child I was having dreams but they were fearful. So if God had used dreams to move me to act to tryout for that team, perhaps he knew it would take more than that.

Why give me a vision, knowing my attitude would be the same as Joseph’s initially? What I thought and Joseph thought did not change God’s plan. Joseph was to be used for God’s purpose and I was to be used for God’s purpose.

So then what was my purpose? To integrate a team. To prepare a teenager to act confidently in the future. To be used by God when moved by God. A big deal then turned out to be steps to God’s greater good.

What Joseph and I had in common: we both were proud, self centered and thought it was really about us. My victory did not acknowledge God, didn’t even know who He was and yet still divinely used by Him.

“Father, I pray for the readers of this to take a deeper look into their life of accomplishments and successes; that they will truly connect to the greater purpose for their lives.”

Let me know what you think.

Keep the Faith,
Blondie Clayton

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