“Don’t Wait Until It Happens To The One You Love!”


Woman on side of road

“By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail”
Benjamin Franklin

Recently my granddaughter, a single mom, drove alone from Virginia to Florida, with no thought to having her vehicle checked, her personal safety, do’s and don’ts while traveling as a single woman on the highway.

Upon her arrival my husband did a check of her vehicle and discovered that truly an angel was watching over her. Every since she started driving we have had many safety talks but being young there is an attitude of “I’m invincible,” but we still keep reminding her.

I started thinking of ways that women could travel safely, single or married and thought I would share some tips:

When leaving home, married or single, think about your car. Is it road ready? Do you have a spare? If not, do you have flat fix, or flares? What about roadside service? Tires wear out, roll over glass or nails. Flat fix will be a quick and temporary fix. Flares, let other drivers and the police know something is going on while you are sitting on the side of the road in your car, especially at night.

Roadside service should be in your budget, as a woman, just in case your trouble is not a tire, or something that can be fixed on the side of the road.

If you are alone and your car stops on the highway, and a stranger offers help in the day time, don’t get in the car, even to go to the next exit. Be suspicious. Follow your gut. In case you are stopped at night on the highway, keep your doors locked, windows rolled up, call a family member, friend, or your roadside service.

It is not a bad idea to keep water and some snacks in your car, just in case it takes awhile to get help, in case of severe weather.

What about your safety when you reach your destination? If it’s indoor parking– if there is a chance of parking close to the front door, or the elevators, do so.

Stay alert to who is around and what they are doing. Look around for get away strategies in case attacked in the parking lot. Ride the elevator with a crowd. It maybe better to park on the street versus an indoor garage that is not well lit, or sparse foot traffic.

A woman shopping alone should carry as little as possible in her purse. Divide your money up between pockets and purse. It is better to shop with credit cards. You may want to wear a fanny pack, or a wrist wallet.

If you are traveling alone, avoid wearing expensive jewelry, or expensive looking jewelry.

Use valet parking, if it’s available. Make sure before you get into your car, you check your trunk, underneath your car, and the back seat.

Remember there is greater safety in numbers. If you are walking alone, it is not a bad idea to walk with your cell phone on, talking to someone, or to let family or a friend know your whereabouts.

If you are married, traveling alone, don’t always assume your husband will be available. It cannot hurt to prepare through raising your personal awareness.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton

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