Do Not Wait! The Time Will Never Be Just Right


Arrows and Stick Men

When will the time ever be right? What is it you need to do? Are you waiting for money? Is it more education you are trying to acquire? Do you feel you don’t know enough about the internet, or perhaps you feel you need to attend seminary before you do what God has placed in your heart to do?

I recall telling my mother I was leaving New York to live in Florida. She was against it because I didn’t have any relatives here. We didn’t speak for months. I had prepared myself to move away, but she wasn’t ready for her baby to be that far away from home.

Mother could have influenced me to wait until later. Perhaps she would have wanted me to wait until I established a support system or my kid got older. I could understand her concern because I was raising a 7 year old son without a father. The timing for leaving your parents house will never be right.

Opportunity does not wait. It happens now. What are you doing to prepare for your opportunity? Will you be ready when your opportunity knocks? It is about setting your mind on where you want to go, what you want to accomplish and begin the process.

I had seen an advertisement about Florida. There was something calling me to Florida. I knew what it would take to get me to Florida. I had responsibilities so I couldn’t approach my goal foolishly, not with a child. I had to have a plan. The plan was set. That was my intention. . . to get to Florida.

Do you know when you began to meditate that things happen. Florida was where I was headed. I knew that I needed some type of job. Where do you find jobs? I had worked for the City of New York in Administration. I figured Florida had to have government jobs, so I located the information and began to apply for positions.

That was my backup plan. What type job did I want? I had befriended an elderly Jewish man with kindness at work and one day he came in with this court reporting machine and the workbook. I had no idea what it was. He said, “My daughter started taking this course and she quit. Maybe you might want to do it, or can use the machine.”

I had no idea what court reporting was, nor how to use this equipment. It was a new stenotype machine.

Right after I made my decision to go to Florida I received the stenotype machine as a gift, I was riding the subway one afternoon and saw and ad in a strange language. It said, “If you can read this you qualify to become a court reporter.” I was surprised that I could make out this language.

I copied the number, made an appointment to visit the school and it was the same course the man had given me the machine for. That was my sign that a way had been made for me to leave New York with a secondary career and a back up plan.

I made it to Florida and I have never looked back at New York. My mother came around, and life here in Florida has been as close to living in the country as I want it to be.

What about you? What are you holding back on? Is it fear? If you don’t make up your mind what you want to do and believe that through God nothing is impossible, then you will always feel like there is something missing, that there is more to this life that God has allowed you the privilege to participate in.

We make our plans but it really is God’s plan working behind the scenes.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith