Discover the Treasures in the People You Meet


People You Meet at  The Fair

One of the joys of my life is meeting people. Not only do I like to meet them I enjoy people watching. It is amazing to me when you extend yourself to smile, chat or to serve others, how it is responded to.

I was entering the store aisle and I kept hearing these four ladies discussing pies, having enough pie crust, etc. I made a joke as I was walking nearby. I said, “I’m going to get in this line where the pies are being made because this is the place to go.” They laughed and went on to tell me how they were planning a family gathering and were out doing the shopping. One quickly identified them as mother, daughter, granddaughter and grandmother.

Four generations who have been doing things together for awhile: planning meals, shopping, and cooking together. In this day and age where two parents work and extended family may live in another state, there are few and far between gatherings these days.

Growing up I looked forward to family gatherings, sitting together as a family sharing a meal, laughing, making jokes, reminiscing. Getting together with family is like wrapping up in a fuzzy blanket on a cold night to watch T.V. One could not help but depart with increased confidence, feelings of love, and unbelievable strength.

When was the last time you got together with your family? It doesn’t have to be a special occasion; you can create your own occasion.

On another occasion I spoke to a 75 year old man about his adult children and grandchildren visiting and doing things for him. He said, “I don’t see them much. They don’t have a lot of time these days.”

“How do you feel about that,” I asked. He said, “If I don’t hear from them, I call them, and if I need something done if I can’t do it myself I hire someone else to do it.”

Most seniors you meet his age have grown bitter and angry because their children don’t visit, but his attitude I thought was notable, something I want to remember as I grow older.

Everyday we encounter people going to and from their destinations, but how often do we stop to chat, or pay attention? We lose focus, become absorbed into our life and our problems, don’t we? Seeing those ladies that day, chatting with them, hearing their story, did not make me long for my extended family that live so far away but brought a smile to my heart in reflection of those special moments I have shared with my family so often.

That 75 year old gave me something to think about as I age related to my adult children and how to handle them. I call them treasures.

What we discover when we take interest in others, they could share something valuable, or you could share in their plans and seeing their togetherness could be a comfort to you, that is, if you want it to. I could have said, “Oh, they are going to do all of this great stuff together. . . I miss my family.” From there I could have chosen to allow misery and loneliness to press me down, but I made the choice to embrace the moment through their bonding with each other.

Life becomes what you make of it. You can operate thankful, or have a pity party. It’s up to you. Make it a point to get to know people, connect with them through a smile, comment, or serving them. You never know whom you may meet. It could be an angel sent to deliver something to you and you missed it because you think people are just people, no big deal.

Challenge yourself to meet at least two new people today.

Keep the Faith,