Change Happens When You Decide You’ve Had Enough


change happens

Read any good books lately? There are some books I go back to over and over. One such book is the story of my life after abuse. It’s called “Abused! The Results, The Plan and the Victory.” Why do I revisit the past? It encourages me and brings tears of joy to my eyes. Why? Because I have victory over what once held me as a prisoner. The sting of those horrid moments has dissipated.

On my journey I can’t help stopping and letting out a thank you; a praise and even a moment of worship. Isn’t that what we do when someone has done something for you, a thought of you, a gift for you, a kindness for you.

I once thought I was being punished. I saw the darkness of life. I wondered would I ever be different. So when I am having a moment where I have taken my eyes off of what I have and put them on the challenges, the triggers, the wrong beliefs, I go back to those pages from my life to remind me that something good has come out of the ashes.

You can’t fix the mistakes of life. You can’t erase them. You can’t wish them away. You can’t pretend they never happen. You can’t keep sweeping the happenings of life that are unpleasant back under the carpet. Sooner or later the carpet will have no more space, or the carpet will be pulled up; then what?

The question is: would you like to change where you are? Would you like to stop hiding out, living in fear, feeling shame, and feeling hopeless? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to claim your freedom?

That’s a tough one. It was for me. I didn’t know what my journey was going to entail but I was miserable doing what I was doing, living the way I was living. I lived in a guarded, protective bubble. . . sorry. . . I said “lived”. What I meant was I existed in the world but simply going through the motions, drifting along doing what I had to do, but never satisfied.

What about you? Where are you? Can you be honest with yourself, truly honest? Have you felt most of your life that something was wrong and you just didn’t know what it was? I understand. That was my life. You know what I have discovered, that I am not alone. There are many like me who are not living but existing trying to find themselves, trying to make life count, trying to understand who they are.

Are you ready to take your journey?

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton

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