Why Can’t I Catch A Little Break?


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The hardness of life causes people to quit too soon and just wallow in mediocrity. Understanding life through seasons can get you up and moving sooner than later.

We can’t stop nature’s change of seasons even though sometimes we would like to have less heat in Summer and less cold in Winter. Someone once said, “Control the things you can and have the courage to know the difference.”

I have heard the stages we go through in life compared to the four seasons. Have you felt as if you have been planting but never harvesting? Forget storing up or resting from all of your work. Do you feel there is no rest for you? Are you stuck in a season and can’t seem to get beyond that?

Nature also goes through stages called seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. These seasonal environments can be duplicated; for example, a green house in winter allows plants to grow during the Winter months to be ready for Spring planting.

How do you recognize seasons of the year? If you look around the signs of Spring maybe flowers and trees blooming, mating of certain species: lizards, birds, etc. Summer is harvest time, when the things planted in Spring are mature. In the Fall, what has been harvested is stored up in preparation for Winter survival when growing ceases until Spring comes again.

So then how do we control the seasons of our personal life? Let’s look at the seasons and see how we can overcome personal roadblocks. So how do we create our Spring? Spring is about growing. So grow something. Decide on a new program to implement.

What you plant in the form of a product or service to offer to others, expect a harvest; that is your Summer. Repeat the cycle over and over until you create an overflow of abundance that keeps on coming and then comes the rest, which is Winter.

If you are in a season, work it, and if you cannot recognize your season, then begin to create one. Start with a goal, then began to plant into that goal to make something happen.

Are you ready for your breakthrough? Dig in and refuse to bow down to what hasn’t happened but to be determined to PUSH through until what you seek submits to your persistence.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton