Call It Crazy If You Want!



I purchased a Papaya fruit at the local farmers market. It was so good I thought, “I wonder if I plant the seeds will they grow?” That thought turned into drying out the seeds in preparation for planting.

A few were planted (about 50) as a dry run, to see if they would grow. Several weeks passed and there was no sign of a seedling. Faithfully, I watered and watched. The rains came and watered. I watched.

Even though grass began to sprout in the area where the seeds had been planted, I was reluctant to pull it up—since I did not know what a Papaya seedling looked like– I plucked out what appeared to be grass.

My watch continued. Finally, it looked like the first seeds were not going to produce so I dug up the ground and planted what seeds I had left and started the process all over again, watering and watching. Just when I was convinced those were duds too, I saw what appeared to be something that didn’t look like grass popping through the dirt.

At last something was happening. In the weeks that followed 7 plants were visible. Six (6) grew slowly, but one was outgrowing the others. Seeing that filled me with hope that soon I might taste the same delicious fruit that produced the seed.

I noticed that this one tree was bullish in its growth spurt. It was outgrowing the other six. That was amazing. “Just the one,” I kept thinking. “I’ve saved one. That one wants to come into its own, and I have been an instrument to make that happen.”

Are you on assignment? Who can you rescue? What can you do to serve humanity? There is more to our lives than to be born and die. Or will you just pass through and allow someone else to do your part?

Just like the little Papaya fruit contained all of those seeds– Had to be at least a few hundred– Some had life and others did not, they couldn’t reproduce. They were dead. What state are you in? Is your potential lying dormant and you are ignoring it?

Are you afraid to take a chance, to step out? That day I did not want to pay $1.99 a pound for a fruit that would be eaten and end up as waste. It hurt–$6.00 for one fruit—but I bought it anyway.

This one Papaya tree was unstoppable: good soil, watered, sunlight. It just needed a chance. What more do you need to become unstoppable?

Get clear on your purpose. That one little Papaya tree knows its purpose. It beat out several hundred kinfolk to realize its purpose. It wasn’t concerned about whether they could make it or not, or their weaknesses, its focused was to live and perform.

Guest what, the fruit from that Papaya tree will have the potential to increase. Right now while you are trying to get to God’s appointment for you, you may need to let go of baggage, put blinders on, because you can’t help those who are not ready to move on.

We all have potential. My potential is not your potential. We each fulfill our roles. Think about the Papaya seed that wanted to become a tree. Imagine locked up inside that fruit that day. There was a connection made that drew me to that fruit. I felt like I couldn’t leave the store without it. Call it crazy, if you want.

What’s my point? When you have a dream, a call, a vision, a destiny, I belief that a way is made for you to fulfill it, that God sends teachers to the student and that everything lines up to help you get to your purpose.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton