There Is A Bigger Picture. Look For It!


“Why worry about things you cannot change. Have faith – Let go and move on, because life isn’t waiting.”
Author Unknown

Oh, what Eve must have felt like when one son killed the other and was sent away? She lost two sons. I believed she must have longed for him. Perhaps even wondered why he would do such a thing to his brother. Maybe she even wanted to rescue him, to visit, to comfort, to let him know she cares.

The other day I sat in the chair by my bed and began to talk to the LORD. I told him that I needed some encouragement because I was feeling a little overwhelmed.

Where do you go when you are overwhelmed with the hand of life dealt to you? Do you withdraw into a quiet place? Are you short with people? Or do you allow it to cause you to be moody?

Troubles are not unique just to us; it has always been, since the world began. It is what we do with trouble when it comes that determine our fitness to live out the rest of our life’s journey in peace.

What do I do? I write to encourage myself and others. In the midst of our going through there is a solution. It may not readily come, or even come when you want it but it will be right on time.

Oh, how much I have grown from all of my troubles year after year. In the midst of it all, I find myself rising up with power. I pulled it together, drew the strength to declare God’s promises, and, yes, ask him to help me get over myself, to trust completely in Him. . .

So after a cloudy day, the sun will shine again and brighter than ever. What was thought to be a day filled with nothing but clouds, turned out to be a blessing from God in spite of what things looked like.

Keep the Faith.

Where are you in your life situation? Your storms can be a light to others. Do you desire to do more with your life experiences, to help others come through what you have gone through?

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