The Keys to Being Happy


Bee Happy

Do you know what it means to be happy? Why is it something most people want but never seem to find it? Could it be they really don’t know what would make them happy?

I was never happy as a child growing up. I was always sad inside. I never smiled. I never got excited about anything. I saw life from the troubles of parent’s separation, living from relative to relative, the struggles of my caregivers.

These early circumstances of my life taught me to be guarded. Don’t get too happy because disappointment follows. If I had a happy moment, sadness always set in, put a damper on those laughing, joyful times.

What was wrong with me? I never figured it out. I grew up accepting that being happy was not for me to have, so don’t fret over something you can’t understand.

My views on being happy led me to think that it happens when everything is perfect in your life: having things, money, cars, good health, friends, lifestyle. . . But is that really what being happy is all about?

What I have discovered, there are many ideas on being happy and what one can do to be happy. Some think being happy is being the best you can be; liking what you do; thinking happy thoughts; finding your purpose in life and work; being yourself; being grateful; wealth. . . the list goes on.

But will any of this make you happy? Sometimes what makes you happy is something you never thought you would be doing, but it’s a God thing.

Where do you start to be on the road to being happy? If you have been blessed to own much, have much in your life and you still are not happy, then it is not about the things. If you have grown up without, then you may first have to experience having to weed out your true desires.

I remember asking myself: “What would make me happy?” I listed a few things but that wasn’t it. It maybe a question you need to ask over and over. When you ask, examine your feelings. Are you feeling peace or anxiety? If you are feeling anxiety, then that may not be your happiness hot spot.

You will find that there are some things that will make you feel happy momentarily but won’t last; such as your husband making your favorite dessert. There is happiness there, but it fades once the dessert is eaten and another day comes.

Being happy starts with you uncovering what would make you happy. Again, I ask, what would make you happy? You may have to ask yourself this question over and over.

Perhaps being happy can be summed up for some in these words:
“Happy [blessed, considered fortunate, to be admired] is the man who finds [skillful and godly] wisdom, and the man who gains understanding and insight [learning from God’s word and life’s experiences]. . .” Proverbs 3:13 (AMP)

Again, I ask, what will make you happy?

“Lord, give us the wisdom to chase after that which is forever and to let go of that which has no savor, that brings no peace.”

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