Can I Just Be Real For A Moment?


Be Real

Today I finally sat down to pen something for you. So far I have written several different thoughts and tossed them as incomplete. Don’t really know where I want to go. I do know I want to be encouraging, positive and Spiritual. That I do know.

Perhaps in my indecision there is a lesson to be learned. There are times in life that you need to be silent, particularly when something troubles you, is eating away at you, but still do what you’ve got to do. Yes, there is something eating away at me right about now. And it is better to leave it in silence, rather than to write or speak it here.

Never share anything that bothers you until you have prayed for God to give you direction. You can sound off about anger issues and have to eat those words later. I have had my moments and you probably have to, where you were sorry you spoke too soon.

People deserve to hear how you handle situations rather than you sounding off about them. If you have nothing to say but a complaint, then keep it to yourself; others don’t deserve to have you blast them with your filth. They have enough of their own to contend with.

Things that cause anger should be left in silent meditation and prayer for as long as it takes to work through to where you need to be in the situation . . . hopefully, that should be a place of control and tact.

Life is not without challenges of all types. Are you going to let those hindrances overcome you, cause you not to follow through on your responsibility? I could have said nothing but it would not have helped you to stay the course, or know that it is okay to be vulnerable.

Because you are bothered by something, or someone, doesn’t mean you have to bow to the roadblock, but find a way to take the roadblock and create something positive. I have chosen to write to you anyway, that through my experience you might find the hope and inspiration to conquer your demon this day.

What I have come to recognize in every situation I face, that God indeed is in charge and that things that rattle my tree are meant to toughen me for the long journey ahead. So look at stuff that bothers or attempts to cripple where you are going as lessons rather than detours that hang you up. Get over it and get moving. You will be glad you did. Next time you will say, “Bring it On!”

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton

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