Bad Things Can Lead to A Greater More Meaningful Life!


Happy Woman

Staring at the first page. . . Life has a beginning. Looking back into our lives we see threads of people connections, influences, role models, family bonding, attachments and security.

These were my givens. I did not ask for them. I was born into the midst of this. I didn’t have a choice, and so were you. Your givens are not the same as mine. They may be in a different location or of different faces, share some commonality.

Once you are in it, this is your world; whether you do anything or not every day you will get up and things will happen around you and to you and from those things there will be something left behind, either a good reminder or a bad reminder that you will never forget.

Your life has been influenced by where you started out, what you heard, what others did and what you saw. I wonder if you could go back and examine the beginning, what did you miss?

Did the bad become your reality? Has it blinded you to what you were suppose to walk away with?

Are you still stuck in something that happened a long time ago? You said you have moved on. . . Forgiven. But have you really, or did you just put up a wall and say, “It’s okay. I’m done. Forget it.”

Have you even thought to ask: “Where is the lesson in that bad thing?” Or have you chosen to ignore it, hoping it will just fade away, that you will never have to face it again?

You missed it! At this moment you are probably thinking, “She keeps saying I missed it; what is she talking about? You dismissed the bad. You didn’t count it. You missed the positive message it had for you and chose to focus only on the negative.

Not only did you miss it one time but you missed it several times. Try this: think of something bad that happened to you, or maybe happening right now? Force yourself to see the positive. It may take a few attempts because it still hurts but it will work.

As we see the bigger picture of our lives I believe it changes how we see our role related to God and our purpose for living.

While you’re thinking on that, let me give you an example: Have you ever felt sorry for children caught in the middle of a divorce? Did you focus on the children’s hurt emotions? Most people do. But what if you could get beyond that thought and think about what else the children may learn as a result of the experience.

Would it surprise you that it will not all be negative? Yes, they will be hurt emotionally but they learn that in time those wounds heal. . . Now your mind is activated. You have some different thoughts about what they will gain from the experience that will be positive, don’t you?

These questions are to provoke you to see beyond what is present and now, but to see the bigger picture.

If you still feel the sting from old wounds, or the past is still holding you captive, perhaps you missed the message and need a little help in seeing the trees instead of the forest, schedule your 1 hour complimentary coaching session

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton