“Bad” Experiences – What Purpose Do They Serve?


bad experiences

Stepping stone moments. . . Life is full of them. Just when we think we’ve settled in, or passed the test, feeling comfortable; it’s time to move on. The journey is not over yet.

What is your destiny? Are you prepared for it? How does your life experience, good and bad, fit into the picture? Can we be sure our life experiences have no place in our Godly purpose?

I think so. I believe our “bad” life experiences play a role in what God has planned for our lives. How is that? First, let me introduce you to a guy named Moses, a favorite Bible character of mine. We read about his life from beginning to end. He was to be killed as a child, rescued by the daughter of the man who wanted him dead; rescued from the water and given back to his biological mother to nurse him until he became of age.

Returned to the daughter of the king, the one who wanted him dead; taught the ways of his enemy; ended up killing and had to flee in fear of being killed for what he did.

Let me ask you: what do you think Moses was thinking? Was his mind on becoming a great leader? I don’t think so. His mind was on saving his own skin, hiding out. Think about when you are going through something, aren’t you thinking about how you are going to just make it through?

The Moses story reveals how God used a man who lacked self-confidence, who feared for his safety, who didn’t speak well, called by God but felt inadequate and unequipped to do the task.

Is that you? Has God put something on your heart? Are you too feeling inadequate and unequipped to take action? Take the steps and watch what happens. Your past experiences have value. You may not be a Moses. His experiences may not be yours, but just like Moses had a purpose, you too have something to do that only you can do.

Look how Moses started out. Today we read about his life experiences, but while he was going through he was just like us: had doubts, uncertainty, concerned about his social position, his biological family, but the task he was called to weigh heavily upon him.

Had you met Moses mother and she told her story, you might have had one of two reactions: “How could she have taken such a chance with her child, putting him in a basket on a river? Or what a loving woman to risk giving up her son to serve a greater good. She didn’t know what would happen. She tapped into that place of knowing that something good was going to come out of letting him go. She believed her son was in God’s hands.

And he was… Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt destined for the promise land.

Life happens. Is it possible our “Bad” experiences equip, train and strengthen us for a greater purpose? Are you viewing your “bad” experiences as stepping stones, or hindrances?

“Father, we all have our moments when things don’t go quite so smooth. We ask you in those times to protect our hearts that we not become bitter and get stuck too long in that place, but whisper to us through your Holy Spirit words of encouragement and love so that we are moved to get back into the race.”

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton

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