Anger. . . What You Read Here May Shock You!



Soul searching! Examining myself! Discovering what makes me tick, what ruffles my feathers . . . causes me to act. How do other people affect my decisions, my comfort, my peace, my joy, my livelihood, my success?

Getting ANGRY about my circumstances forces me into action. As long as there are no waves in my life, I am laid back. I procrastinate.

My youthful experiences with ANGER kept me from becoming a juvenile delinquent when I felt thrown away by my divorcing parents. I got ANGRY enough at them to decide to make something of my life, to show them, so to speak.

It was my parents who started ANGER roaring in my life and my grandmother who added icing to the cake by telling me that I would never amount to anything.

I could have chosen, based on two major people in my life, to become a loser. I was set up to fulfill my grandmother’s prediction. After all, when people you love, have imposed negative situations on you, one can feel betrayed, or hopeless. Instead, my grandmother’s opinion made me more determined to succeed, to prove her wrong.

Negative situations and people have made me ANGRY. ANGER had its job: to protect me when it had to and to move me along when it was time.

I have cultivated a determination that stands against what others think, say or do. ANGER surfaces to help me to stay focused and to carry out the plan God has predestined for my life.

When I started out as a writer over 17 years ago, negative people reared their heads to voice their opinions: family, friends, publishers, etc. Every rejection letter made me more determined to stay the course. I got ANGRY enough to work at sharpening my skills as a writer.

ANGER still drives me toward my purpose.There are some places, people, task that God knows I won’t change, or do, act upon, unless I am upset by ANGER.

The jobs I have worked on, I would still be there, if something didn’t happen . . . ANGER came through some situation or person to move me out of there because I don’t like change.

Controlling ANGER is the key to success.Don’t dwell on angry moments too long. Stop, think it through, “what are you really MAD about?” Otherwise, you will be overcome; it will eat away at you and consume your day.

Now that I understand ANGER’s purpose, it has lost its power. ANGER is my spark to take positive action. That action starts with me, acknowledging it, accepting my part, seeking its intent, making decisions.

What contribution do you want to make to the society in which you live? There is a bigger reward coming; this is just the beginning of greatness.

It is time to take charge, to control the things that can be controlled and to know when destiny is making change.

I maybe blindsided by ANGER, forget that I am its master, but it is not for long. If ANGER is what it takes to reach my destination, where mediocrity and complacency won’t, then bring it on.

ANGER is the friend that has shown up just when I needed her to take over my life long enough to free me from despair.

Thank you, ANGER, for pushing me when I was too afraid, or chicken to free myself.I will never look at you the same.

From this day forward I will embrace situations and people who rub me the wrong way with a smile, now that I know their purpose.

Wow! This week the light has come on. Mediocrity and Complacency are enemies, they perform well; Oh, but ANGER fired up can cause them to scatter.

“God, thank you for the me you have created and guided in how to use anger in more constructive ways, rather than holding it in my heart against people.”

Keep the faith.
Blondie Clayton

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