6-Leadership Tips For People Building and Team Success


Business Woman

Getting a product or service to the consumer involves people behind the scenes that we will never see. These are your leaders, quietly orchestrating moves with support team through assigned task to make it happen. That’s business, whether you work at home or outside the home, this is the set up for business, ministry and spills over even into the running of a home. There is an order, a plan of action to accomplish a planned end.

Know Your Role:

So what is a leader? Most of us know or have been exposed to leaders. For this article I will reiterate some of the expected skills of a leader. They are in sync with the vision given to them, or they themselves have a vision they plan to carry out.

A leader does not carry out the plan but “rallies the troops” under his leadership to do the work. There are some whom I have heard referred to as “born leaders.” If you are not one of them, don’t worry, you can still lead.

Welcomes Support:

You may be a leader who has been appointed but lacking in some skills, uncertain of yourself. Look around. Who’s available? What skills do they have? In your capacity as leader, you would look to those with certain skills to assist you in leading.

This does not take away from your ability to lead effectively. What this says is you recognize your strengths and weaknesses and willing to work the skills of those around you. It also says that leadership is not about your abilities or skill to lead but recognizing the abilities of others in your capacity to lead.

Respect your team’s skills:

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you know everything, particularly if you are new to this responsibility. An effective leader submits to the expertise of others in certain areas.

Encourage your team:

Along with leadership comes responsibility. When something does not go as plan it is not about pointing fingers or getting angry with your support staff but accepting your role in the situation.

The leader does not take the credit but humbly allows all to share the credit even from behind the scenes. Taking all the credit could be a negative impact on those who have come along side you to make the task a success.

Be a people builder

Recognize the efforts of your support team individually and as a group if possible by sending cards, or a group event. Why? You need them and they need their jobs. This builds respect and enthusiasm for the next task.

Lead with humbleness:

Leadership is not about ruling with an iron fist, no non-sense and “do as I say because I’m your boss,” type attitude, but working in harmony with people to build a committed team to serve a greater purpose.

Let me know what you think.

Keep the faith,
Blondie Clayton