10 Actions To Survive Your Worst Nightmares


10 Action Steps

The story chosen for this piece is from the Book of Ruth. What I am about to share is just one set of revelations. You may have a few of your own. There is so much that can be gleaned from this story but my focus will center around what happened to these two women and how they were able to get beyond the tragedies of life.

Who are these women and why is their story so important? Because their story shared in a few chapters have the power to change lives, set the captives free and to inspire others to keep going because there is a bigger plan in all of what maybe faced right at this moment.

The first chapter opens with one tragedy after the other: starting with three women whose husbands were killed leaving them with nothing in a land where there was famine. Let us not take lightly how they must have been feeling. If you read the scripture (Book of Ruth), you will notice how quickly they re-grouped, assessed their situation and decided on a course of action.

They are Naomi, Ruth and Oprah. Naomi pleads with them to leave her, to go back to their people, their country. She paints a picture of gloom and Oprah caught the vision and decided to go back to her people, but Ruth made it clear to Naomi that the past is gone, she left her people when she married Naomi’s son and she had no intent of going back.

Ruth used the words, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” Does that sound familiar? Words that are repeated often throughout the bible. They journeyed by faith, comforting each other along the way. On arrival Ruth sought to work in the fields, to glean the fields for anything left after the harvesters had gotten all they could.

Unaware at the time that the field she chose to glean belonged to Naomi’s cousin Boaz. Her dedication to Naomi was the talk of the town, so was her work ethic: working from sun up to sun down, with little rest in between.

“May the Lord repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge,” said Boaz. I could drag the story out but I will tell you that the story had a happy ending; Ruth and Boaz were married.

What do we learn from this biblical account of people going through, making connections, exercising faith when hopelessness loomed over their lives? This story is filled with action steps.

Perhaps these might resonate with you:

• Decide if you are in or out.
• Commitment and go forward.
• Let go of the past.
• Accept your new position.
• Operate in one thought.
• Be willing to do what it takes.
• Have faith.
• Trust even when you can’t see, or know.
• Work your plan until you make something happen.
• Be willing to sacrifice.

Let me know what you think.

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