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7 Success Rules A Self-Published Author Learned the Hard Way

So you wrote and published your first book idea. Have you recouped your initial investment? You did pay to have it printed, didn’t you? Are you on the internet and still wondering what went wrong, why your book is not selling online? If you are frustrated, disappointed in your self-publishing journey, ready to quit, join Coach Blondie for her “learned the hard way” strategies which kept her afloat as a self-published author. It may be the best 30 minutes you invested. 

How To Make Your Writing Passions Profitable

What is it you like to write about? Is it about life experiences? Do you want to write about your profession, or career, something you feel can help others? Can you make money writing without publishing a book? Join Coach Blondie and Frank for insider tips that have profit potential for the first time author.


5 Things Self-Publishing Services Won’t Tell You
Have you written and published a book? Did you make assumptions about your self-publisher, what they were going to do for you, only to discover it has not worked out to your expectations? Coach Blondie reveals self-publisher secrets that most self-published authors overlook, never ask and the self-publishing services wont’ tell you.

Why You Should Write A Book?
Join Coach Blondie and Frank as they discuss the living legacy of writing a book that will outlive you. The Coach will share books that have changed the course of her life.


The Biggest Mistakes First Time Authors Make
Got a book idea? Almost ready to publish? Have you published and feeling disappointed? Join Coach Blondie and Frank in a discussion that most self-published and first time authors wished they had heard prior to publishing their first book.

Working Through the Challenges of Being A First Time Author
Frustrated, ready to quit, feel alone, disappointed? You are not alone. Many first time authors are experiencing similar emotions right about now. Join Coach Blondie and husband Frank in a candid discussion of the challenges and strategies to work through and overcome.

Attitude Is Everything For A Self-Published Author
Do you have a dream to be published? Has your life experiences been a mess with a message? What are you willing to do to succeed as a published author? Join Frank, Blondie and Friends as they discuss the challenges and the rewards of self-publishing. Learn how to make the giants into midgets, keep an open mind, and how to keep a winning attitude on the way to success.


Book Publishing: Questions and Answers
Got questions on publishing as a first time author? Need answers? Join Coach Blondie and husband Frank for an informative show that will save you time, money and frustration.